Your face is still etched

So vividly in my memory.

Your missing tooth,

Your dark green eyes,

Your shabby, old pair of converse,

Your overalls,

And the striped shirt

You always wore beneath it.


We were invincible.

You were Batman,

I was Robin.

Our imaginary capes

Blew against the strngth of the wind,

Our arms spread out

Like the wings of a plane

As we flew across cities 

Searching for trouble

Oblivious to the real dangers 

That would consume you.


The missing tooth grew in.

You replaced your overalls

And shabby shoes.

You laughed as much as you breathed

And you smiled

Even on the gloomiest of days.

No one could have ever guessed.


It was never supposed to be like this.

I thought we had more time.

We were supposed to grow up together.

To have all-nighters,

2 AM conversations, midnight drives,

Parties, prom night, graduation.


I don't know how it happened

Or why it had to be you

Or why I had to find you lying there

Pill bottles scattered across the floor

Your body, stone cold, lifeless


We were supposed to be invincible