Best Friends

Love and Friendship

Love can give you friendship
A smile for all eternity
And its shine will never end
But to have friends give you kindness
And gives you happiness
Love is made to give and receive
To that special person your love give
But friendship is made to appreciate people
When their help is for you
But a big difference there is
Because love arrives and leaves
But a friendship stays until the end

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I want my best friend back

My thoughts

I want my best friend,
I want my best friend,
I want my best friend back.

She's been so distant,
Not contacting me as much,
Did I do something wrong?
Did I make her upset?

Why won’t she talk to me?
Why is she so distant?
Why won’t she text me first?
Why do I have to be the one to contact her?

She's my best friend.
But she is different now,
then she used to be,
I'm getting kind of lonely.

I want my best friend back,
I want us to be the same,
I want to go back
to the way things were.

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