I've climbed mountains enough times to know

At the summit the clouds can obstruct the view

It can be tough to see the ground down below

Yet so easy to become distracted by the blue


I've left behind the plains of earth to climb

At the top you can forget from whence you came

It's far too easy to then lose track of time

Yet looking down to earth can bring such shame


Some born on the mountain never know the ground

Those born on the ground can always see the top

Regardless of where they've been born or found  

One small slip from the summit and down they drop

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My freshly woken brain thinking up allegories while I wait for coffee to brew

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Of Their Own Design

Abandonment continues along his cruel fate

Can't go back home, it's too late,

He can do naught but walk an empty path

For he faces his own wrath


Hopelessness lingers behind his friend

Hoping soon that his misery will end,

He thinks this all a haze

While all he needs is to adjust his gaze


Together they scramble through strife

Living naught but an empty life

They choose to walk their expected path

And that is the cause of their lifes' wrath

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Have you seen the ocean, so pure and so blue,
Have you seen it meet the light sky?
Have you seen the bright fishes under the current,
Have you seen white seagulls fly?

Have you seen the hot golden sand on the shore,
Have you seen pink seashells so dry?
Have you seen a crab try to get his dinner?
Have you seen a coral die?

The mermaid turns to me, so lovely a face,
And she tells me with a sigh,
The seeing in my eyes was taken away,
Have you seen a mermaid cry?

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The Shadow that I could not Trust

Yes, don't ask me why or what transpires?
I just can't trust this shadow anymore
Although it follows when I take a step
But it seems it could not win me a sleep

When it lies beside me on my sleeping mat
Against what I expected from my gasping heart
Although what I actually want it could not provide it
But atleast it should have been of help somehow
Which could have shaded my brow anyhow

But its adamancy walk-slept me during my journey
Where I visited another realm building with silver like paradise dome-bay
Where trees grow sweetened fruits beyond what I could take in here
I could not fail to talk about streams flowing white-milk
Which I wanted to drink but this shadow threw itself over it that made it dark

What about that beautiful lad that wove me towards?
That the same unforgiven shadow scared away with its tally-charm
That appeared like 'Igunnu' masqurade dancing shamelessly towards doom

Had I known you would not allow to enjoy that adventure
I would have left you behind with vulture
As you make me regret bringing you along to that venture

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A bad leader like a scary shadow

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Stupid ants
Wreck each other
Kill yourselves
As none other

Repeated cycle
All in vain
Teach another
Undue pain

Who will play
King of the hill
When one is never
Better still

The pretense being
He can never
Be all seeing

Wrest each mandible
From the other
Lay these weapons
Down asunder

Was the whole
All worth the end
Does the act
In worth amend?

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