That Sound in the Morning

Sitting up on my bed, I try staying still and quiet to figure out what woke me up. It’s not time to get up yet, my alarm didn’t ring, I’m sure. I listen in for a couple of seconds and the sound starts up again. It is the same old sound again, the one I hear every day - my father dragging his feet across the house floor. You usually resent whatever dared wake you from your deep sleep, but this is different. I could ask him to lift his feet up when he walks, to be mindful of the people sleeping around the house, but this is different. That sound has been there every morning, echoing throughout the house for as long as I can remember. He gets up at 5:30 in the AM, groggy and mumbling about whatever was on his mind before he got up from bed, he goes down to the kitchen and starts making breakfast for us. He’s 65 years old this time around, and he does this every day. We’ve tried telling him that he doesn’t have to, that he can just sleep as long as he wants. I mean, he gets to work at 9 anyways. “Breakfast is important”, he tells us, “a good, strong start means you can endure the entire day, and if you can do that, you really can do anything”. He used to tell us this with an uncanny seriousness, as if he had given us some recipe for success, passed down from generation to generation, and it was not to be messed with or questioned. I didn’t quite get why he couldn’t just sleep another few hours and stop making the noise during my early teens, but I started to understand what he was talking about. He’s retired from two jobs now but he keeps working on every day. He always comes home late and tired, visibly spent from a long day’s work, yet he stays in the best of moods and prepares everything for the coming day’s smooth start. Then you hear him again, dragging his feet around as he heads to the kitchen, not because he has to, or feels that he has to, but because he wants to. I look up to that type of endurance, at the willpower needed to be absolutely exhausted from a life of work and still want to go the extra mile for a kind gesture. He turned our childhoods and upbringings into the best, strongest beginning.

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I watch you sleeping

My Everything

I watch you sleeping.

So silent, so still, so perfect.

An incredible sight to behold.

My eyes fill in marvel;

Driving the longing for your speckled blues,

That dance in life with mine.

Until morning breaks, I'll cherish you.

With the ever so quiet night as my parnter;

In our secret adoration.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I know you hate when I call you beautiful....but you are what you are. 

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Thank You

The person who I hold close to me is gone

All that remains is the memories we shared

Small mementos lying around with our pictures

The nostalgia is calming yet bittersweet

The times we had together I won’t forget

I will always cherish everything we had

You’ve taught me a lot while we were together

Thank you dearest for being my mentor


I wish I was better before you departed

Remorse keeps building up as I think about you

I know apologizing for pushing you away

Will only want you to keep further away from me


I never wanted you to go, but I couldn’t say it

I wanted you to be happy and to be free

Never did I want to see you in pain

Thank you dearest for being so forgiving


I hope you at least live out your dreams

Everything I say is from my heart and is true

Please let me keep loving you and reach you

Your voice continues to echo in my mind


I am glad that we are still friends

Despite that we are so far away

We made distant promise to each other

Thank you dearest for always being there for me


Thank you dearest for everything you’ve done

Thank you dearest for all the memories

Thank you dearest for being a kind person

Thank you dearest for still caring about me


I hope we will be reunited again someday…


The powerful things that he can do

His strength,  his will, reigns oh so true

He is a man that cares so deep

And carries a spirit of one whose upbeat

He's strong



And Brave

Not afraid

Takes risks 

And continues

To Save.

He may not have an S on his chest

Or fly through the night above the moonlights crest

But this man is forever there for me

This man is what I call my see.

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Minnis Downhome Pharmacy Part II

I have great news about the two women who were shot.

I was afraid that Alexia and Janet would die but they did not.

They're out of the hospital and are recovering at their homes.

Many people are in their corners, they are not alone.

It's great to know that they have so many friends.

I'm very thankful that their lives didn't end.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to Alexia Wilson and Janet Clift who were shot at Minnis Downhome Pharmacy on May 23, 2013.

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My Best Friend

   Thinking of you is a pleasure to do

You are always on my mind

You bring a special joy to my life

You are truly one of a kind

   I want you to know how much you mean to me

Of my devotion you may always depend

I am so thankful for being blessed

Having you as my best friend

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Life is short

Life is flying, rushing by

If only we took some time to si

I want nothing but to enjoy the day

Sitting, playing in the sunshine ray


Life is short with minutes left

It might be years before we regret

The time we had and took for granted

Never let that feeling make you frantic


Life is precious with all its sights

Take the time to learn all its­­­ beauty

The moments we enjoy will feel like a lifetime

Life is short make it worth the timeline

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2010-2012 Poems

Today is a new day.
I chased the sunrise,
I chased the waves.
I followed the bees,
Smelt the flowers.
I felt the sand on my feet,
The cool, salty breeze on my face.
Met some fishermen,
And captured a bull’s gaze.
Watched the ebbing of the tide,
As the pigeons flew by.
I sat on a rock,
And stared at the blue sky.
I walked on the shore,
Drew on the sand.
Saw a lost baby slipper,
And hurt my right hand.
I breathe in all these…
Thank God for life.
Today is a new day.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(c)jerlin 14Nov12; Samila Beach, Thailand

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I need you
I want you
To be near
To never let go
To never walk away

I can’t remember what
It was like before I met you
Nor do I really want to
And that is one thing
That I’m thankful for

I know that I had boyfriends
Before the accident
But none of that matters
Not any more, not to me
Because you are mine

Just as I am yours
That is why I need you
That is why I want you
Because you are everything
That I’ve ever needed

Written on
February 29, 2012

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was a poem I just wrote to/about my boyfriend, Tom Neville. its now been 6 months and we are both as happy (insert favorite metaphor here). Of course, we still have slight issues but at least they aren't major ones, like most couples get by the second month.

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