Knowing  is a relative term..

   Ask the ocean why.
   Ask the Ocean what it sees or knows...
   and sit with pen-in-hand 
   and write .
(she sighs)
Its too vast .....
    infinate salt grain time capsules
    made prisoner by ink-stained  paper?
"Surely I  have gone mad"
    - Can the ocean know?
"It has spoke to me"
It speaks to everyone
"I stood on the edge of the beach"
      -it draws you in man
          -im tellin' you it does....
Her eyes never beheld it-
Miles of white sand
the pier.
the clouds.
The voice of the ocean.
Its an old mans voice..Low and Smooth
    It says "never forget"
      and tells of Pirate Death
    and message bottles
      Secret pleasures that
    cause sunken treasures and 
      fears that stain the shore.
The place I want to be scattered.  
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Just saw your comment on a

Just saw your comment on a poem I wrote and you sent me to this one- yes, very much alike in style I like that. great work!

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Thank you for the read!  Glad

Thank you for the read!

 Glad you decided to check it out 

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Love, in relation to the oceane.. Love this so much .What a talent. can't wait to check out more.

please read my poems, and enjoy the real-life drama that is my life!

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The ocean is very

The ocean is very inspiring....

i could stare for hours and hour!

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Wow....amazing, keep writing!

Wow....amazing, keep writing!

*tallsquirrelgirl* she feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS ~henry james

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Wow...this piece you have

Wow...this piece you have crafted is a stunning write!!

I felt this one!! It reminded me of my own style in several of my works.

Guess that's what drew me right in and spoke to the ocean...

Beautiful write, William!!


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I think the ocean speaks to

I think the ocean speaks to all of us in different ways 

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ask the sea why...

and she will tell you how ;)

loved this one



these lines just grab me...

"Its too vast .....

    infinate salt grain time capsules
    made prisoner by ink-stained  paper?"

Much Love


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glad that you found it amusing

On a personal level, I love to hunt for the hidden treasures in each poem I read. Some have none, but were still worth combing the  beach for. It pleases me immeasurably that you were able to find some in this one! 

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Much Love


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Nice one Respected Mr Beatnik

The sea waves noisily slapping

Sandy and rocky shore

What they speak of is a mystery

Ignorant Man will never know


Conch shell held close to ear

Whispering angels and witches fear

SShhhh... shhh.. the call from the sea

It always was and always will be


-Thanks for your inspiration . If you can spare time read an old post of mine



Beatnik1979's picture

I like

what youve done here...definately flattered that something I wrote inspired this! excellent poem, Bishu.