I'm jealous of it all!

  I'm jealous of it all!

Because we're far apart  the road sure seem so long

And even thou I'm dying inside I try to stay so strong

The sun it gets to see you when it rises up so tall

But hear I am alone for now and I'm jealous of it all

You go about your day of work patrolling all around

And do it all so silently and dare not make a sound

Cuz if the enemy hears you your sure to take a fall

But hear I am praying for you while I'm jealous of it all

I want our life to begin right now but you've still got work to do

So hear I await for you to finish so we can start our life anew

But while your over seas my love your men see you stand so tall

While I know you love me so my dear im still jealous of them all









Author's Notes/Comments: 

 I wrote this one for my fience who's over seas hope you like it.     

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salty aftermath

naked on the beach,
no towel underneath,
and the sand gritty
beneath, into, and
on top of everything
while lying next to the
ocean's rising tide,
the sea of hating,
remembering all
the loathing words
you spewed, berating,
salty drops of your envy
and resentment,
lost enchanment
drowns me, pulled
into the undertow
of remorse...

par for the course.


10:47 PM 4/27/2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about playing the victim role.

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