*The Angels Are Coming Down*


Trisha M. Barrek 

At night when your sleeping and not awake 
Everyone's life is at stake 
Because sooner than you think 
Your life can slip away 
It can disappear before you blink 
And your loved ones can be putting you in your grave the next day 

so before the angels collect their souls 
Live the life with the ones you care for 
And reach your deepest goals 
Tell the ones you love tell them your secrets 
Since you couldn't tell them before 


Because the time is coming near 
The angels are coming down 
They're so silent not even a mouse can hear 
Because an angel doesn't make a sound 


While your under your warm cover 
They can be preparing a spot in the heaven 
For the one next to you the one you care about even your lover 
That persons time could be near that person could go at eleven 


There is nothing you can do 
When it is that persons time to go 
All of a sudden that person could be saying good-bye to you 
You can never tell who the angel will come to take 
You really don't know 


No one can predict the future 
Or understand why they forget the past 
All you know is you want it to last 
And keep the beautiful sight God gave 
you don't want to lay in your grave


You don't want to experience the nature of depths of hell 
No one wants to believe what goes on below 
So listen to God on what he wants to tell 
Let your heart see on what to you he wants to show 


When you see the warm shining light 
And the angels come down to greet 
You will know its your time to leave 
Because to God you're on your way to meet 
He will take care of those left behind 
This you do know 
And to you he will always be kind 


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