*An Angel By Light*

Trisha M. Barrek Hopkins

After we past away 
And the new life we must go on to 
We'll see a darkness at first 
But then our soul will be awaken 
From an angel of light 
It's not mistaken 
But it's a gorgeous warming sight 


Now it's up to God to decide 
If this life was wrongfully taken 
And if so It's not your time 
To go on to your next mission 
Because you have not yet reached your prime 


Take care of your unfinished business 
Then you may return 
By the angels sight 
Flying so high on a soft feathered wing 
And by then your next life you'll have earned 
Such excitement it'll bring 


After the sadness has passed you 
It wont take too long 
You did great in your past 
Now it's time to move on strong 
Because you'll have those memories that last 


So when you see a beam of light 
That looks bright as the sun 
You'll see an angel flight 
Then you'll know you are the chosen one 
So if all unfinished business is done 
Please with gods angel don't fight 
A place in the heavens you've won


An angel by light 
Is the most greatest thing 
This angel will take you to the greatest heights 
To Gods love This angel will bring 



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