White Knight


A man’s built to save a girl
God‘s plan is deep inside
To save, and love, and cherish a girl
To make her soon his bride
Well I thought I’d try my luck
And so I rolled the die
But to say that loving’s easy
Would be a plain-faced lie
I set out to find a girl
In this lonely world
And found one really quick
Around her finger twirled
I would’ve been your white knight
If you had let me try
But you didn’t want me
And so my love did die
Looking back I thought of this
And I wrote to you this rhyme
To remind you how you fought me
For the entire time
If you call, I won’t hear
I’ll be with another
I’ll be her white knight, she my bride
And I will always love her.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem and Rollercoaster were both made over lunch at Wendy's. :D

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Just a thought: If you think of her and refer to her as a woman instead of a girl, she might be able to talk to you about marriage and how the world has genderly changed and turned. Love the mug and I concur - if it can be done, my way works for me. With all respect due to the women poets of the world, I am, yours in writing - allets



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I would have referred to her

I would have referred to her as a woman, but it was spur of the moment and girl fit better. As to how the world has changed genderly:

“For many people, the idea that a Creator assigns roles is offensive. They don’t want any person, any religion, or any God telling them how to express their manhood or womanhood. They reject the idea of God-given roles and do whatever they can to blur gender distinctions.

The state of human sexuality today is like a play in which the cast is in rebellion against the playwright and his story. Imagine the chaos. The actors hate him. They reject their roles and mock the script. To show their contempt, some refuse even to read their lines. Other actors switch their roles and costumes to confuse the plot. Still others read their parts out of place, slur their lines, and lace them with obscenities.

This is a picture of the wicked and perverse generation in which Christians are called to shine like stars (Phil. 2:15.) It’s the generation of the “transgendered,” in which men act like women and women act like men. And it’s amidst this chaos that God wants his children to be faithful to the roles He has assigned us, even though the majority of humanity has abandoned them.” -Joshua Harris, Boy Meets Girl, pg. 109.

Thank you for reviewing my work, and may God bless you!

Your Friend,

Post Tenebras Spero Lucem

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take away joints make the

take away joints make the best places for rhymin! nice work!! cheers SS

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