Dead By Dawn


Deep is the day and slower than night

Whose Gulf is the starry Night

Mad, somber, faceless forms,

Blind masks of bale, woe and fear.


Dreams uncomforted, lying awake;

I rouse the All-In-One; Dead by Dawn!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Some thoughts.

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Flowers in her hair glistening through the summer breeze
Fragile girl, but she’ll never say please, make you beg on your knees
Forsakes her pain for laughter, love in her eyes she’ll never go after
Sheltered by daylight, too soon the chariot shifts the air into desolate night
Take chances untold, to seek and to hold, never let them tell you to fold
A faltering faith yet she'll dance till the sun, singing but always longing to run
Some people cry and others die, and we're standing idly as the world passes us by
Such fools filled with remorse, darling take my hand without a course
Over and over I lie and I listen, Live off a dream, don’t know what I’m missing
Many dreams come true, every moment they try to bring me back to you anew
No desert storm or raging tempest will make me realize, oh how they hypnotize
There you are, and there you were, in and out of love without a stir
Nonetheless my fantasy lingers on, not so far are we before the dawn

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What you guys think?

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"Dancing Shadows"

Shadows dance on granite walls,

Alloy steel, and painted halls.

I stand alone, a world away,

Ocean waves crashing, silent display.


Lanterns dim, October’s night,

Autumn winds, cold and white.

I look above, a starless sky,

A horizon left dormant, vacant, nigh.


A cobbled road, weary feet,

The rain drops fall, static, repeat.

I watch the dawn as lanterns fade,

Tracing the sky, I’m no longer afraid.

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Radiant Dawn

Darkness illuminates a hopeless heart
Deepens burdens that come on nightly visit
Dreaming is but meager rescue
Chased by shadows within an archaic masquerade
Should the nights vex fools forever so


She felt a touch while he was running
Aglow the sky where daggers tend to fly
Pierce the flesh of those just walking by
A question needs an answer, why
When she starts meaning her goodbye
He winds down to turn and sigh
Wonders if their love will really win
Yet all the curtains are closing in


I’ve felt the fire, I’ve drowned within the rain
I lay, despite the pain, loving her in utter vain
She’s a soaring bird, no wind to tame her
Roam whichever way desires, beauty


while Love,
Everlastingly will ember,
Within my dormant heart .


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Stand Strong

Life is just too hard
You fight your battles
And all you get are scars
You let someone in
And they break your heart
No one understands you
Just for who you are

There are times when we feel we’re not enough
That’s when you need to turn to God above

And stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

I know it hurts
When they attack you with their words
But you’re stronger than you know
And you don’t know how much THEY hurt
It might be
That they’re scared of life too
And what they might need
Is the hero inside you

And stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

You don’t know how much you’re worth
So get out of the dirt
And live the life you’ve been given
I know
That sometimes it’s too hard
So shine just like the stars
Cause the One who died for you
Is there to help you up

And stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

Stand strong
Don’t let life pass you on
Because it’s always the darkest ‘fore the dawn
So stand strong
Don’t let them lead you on
Because you’re beautiful just the way you are
So stand strong

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Morning Muse

The sun lazily drags its self over the horizon,
heartened at the encouragement of birds
tweatingly entreating his glorious arrival.
And one by one, as the rays begin to rise,
the fingers of light creep as I lie in wait


the muted soft blue glow hints at the turn,
the darkened shadows form shapes
that were previously banished into obscurity.

That hopeful moment arrives
of midnight blue opaquing the skies.
Trees and buildings now ushered in some sense
of form delineated and defined by gentle light rays,
now freed, dancing upon the edges of things.
On tiptoes, the dimly gentle blue hues of first light
usher away the darker shades of night,
and now my favourite of all things!

Let the light rays genltly pour in,
let them wash and settle over a highway
my eyes never tire to travel!
Wash these irridescent sheets
in an ever glowing light,
casting the beautifulest form,
wrapped and peaceful,
gently pressing the outlines of the bridge of a nose,
chasing away the shadow holiding fast in a dimpled chin.
The hollow of cheeks, bones sculpted with precision,
and the eyes I adore drawn shut,
as the sun yawns and the blue turns to amber dawn,
so shines my sun, turning lazily, draging it's self over to my horizon
heartened by the encouragement of entreating whispers in his ears,
the glow hints at his turn as I rise,
to meet his morning glory!

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Resolved to Love

Her eyes opened to the dark of the coming dawn.
Silence, like the canopy above her head, hung in the air, if only to be disturbed by the rustling wind.
She blinks again, unsure of what her eyes are showing.
He was there, laying beside her in bed, his face soft from slumber.
Beside her was where she found him.

He could feel her eyes, like the morning sun, enveloping him in their warmth.
He didn't dare stir at fear he would startle her and force her to hide behind a blush.
He knew she was questioning his presence.
Then slowly, he felt her wrap herself in the sheet and remove herself from the bed.
Never again would he let her leave him.

She clung to the sheet as her feet slipped across the cold floor.
She gazed through the open window at the commencing morning.
She couldn't bring herself to find her clothing that was thrown about the room.
In that moment she was resolved to stay.
She was resolved to let herself love him.

He watched her as the sun slowly rose to illuminate the paleness of her skin.
He let his feet touch the floor and carry him to her.
His arms moved to tighten the sheet around her, and yet, secure her to him.
She was too much to take in all at once, he loved all of her equally.
So he closed the curtain again.

Together they let the morning pass to night once more.
And in their slumber they held onto each other for dear life.
Never again would they let go.
Never to be apart.
Together to greet the oncoming dawn.

Resolved to always love.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is quite a poem, but it's not a short story either. I thought there might be an audience for it here.


My Work

His cherubim agenda rises,
seeking hungered skin.
And how He muses, tantalizes
with the merest whim.
He leads me to a place
where passion's river flows.
Inviting all of me to taste
honeyed milk repose.
Hands become an an artist's brush
painting my desire.
This Song of Songs, an arctic rush
birthing newborn fire.
Rivaled by the sweetest wine,
his lips become an ocean.
Transporting freedom through my mind,
lost in deeper notion.
I want to pleasure more and more
to taste, to feel, to yield.
To find new ways, richly explore
what only lover's steal..
Opening myself I'm led
escorted by this flame.
For this I know I have been bred,
to hear Him speak my name.
Lightening flashes in his eyes,
takes me with the thunder.
And suddenly, I'm magnetized,
to this spell I'm under.
Can this be more than flesh inspired,
willing heart to break?
My Lord's Arms, my Husband's Fire,
the Dawn to which I wake.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The search....

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