I Sing of…

I sing of humanity,

I sing of humility,

I sing of simplicity,

I sing of positivity.


I support honesty,

I support liberty,

I support perseverance,

I support patience.


I listen to the language of dream always,

I listen to what my heart says.

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Chinese Herbs Of Hu Yi Ping


Chinese Herbs Of Hu Yi Ping

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The Chinese herbs

of Hu Yi Ping

... with new

shakti they sing

within cells

new bells ring

as they




-saiom shriver-



Not far from Bethesda's NIH,  stained with

the blood of innocent animals, beholden to

internationa drug companies, fixed in lies

is a bright path of healing

Other healing methods... ayurvedic medicine, acupuncture, Reiki, chelation,  juicing and vegan diet, yoga, conscious release of the past with forgiveness, feeling energy move in every point of the body, magnets, vitamin C intravenous drips etc.


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Flowers in her hair glistening through the summer breeze
Fragile girl, but she’ll never say please, make you beg on your knees
Forsakes her pain for laughter, love in her eyes she’ll never go after
Sheltered by daylight, too soon the chariot shifts the air into desolate night
Take chances untold, to seek and to hold, never let them tell you to fold
A faltering faith yet she'll dance till the sun, singing but always longing to run
Some people cry and others die, and we're standing idly as the world passes us by
Such fools filled with remorse, darling take my hand without a course
Over and over I lie and I listen, Live off a dream, don’t know what I’m missing
Many dreams come true, every moment they try to bring me back to you anew
No desert storm or raging tempest will make me realize, oh how they hypnotize
There you are, and there you were, in and out of love without a stir
Nonetheless my fantasy lingers on, not so far are we before the dawn

Author's Notes/Comments: 

What you guys think?

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Sing Alone

Stars gather then drift-
Wandering in the endless sea of fascination.
Polishing fellow seekers with their dust of wonder. 
Adorn, those who are blessed to come in contact.
... Do you see them?
Craddled in the hands of the solar system.
Have you heard them?
Sadly, these beams go unseen.
For you'd rather glide alone.

Vacant Eyes

Eyes Vacant

Neon-Sign Half-Lit-Sword-Swallowing


Straight, a Big-Black Snake

Curls Down to the Heart


Why With So Many Bottles

Do We Sing-Slink-Along Alone

Why With So Many Words

Are We Still-Silent?


Can You Produce the Devil?

At Any Given Hour-

(Tying On His Shoes and Worried about Tommorrow, an Hour)

Will You Produce?


Sacred Sacrife In-Between Leaves

Five Colors

Don't Plot-It

It Ain't Cool Anymore


We Now Speak and Drink Easily

99 Of Us Didn't Get the Dinner Invitation

Get Me Fast to Greece

I'm a Plumber


Beginning Now


A Mass of People Start to Revolutionize Peace

Draw-Bridge Pulled


It's Not a Castle We Seek

Nor Moat

It's Not a Castle We Seek

Just a Little Rain


Cool the Temperature on the Icicle

It's Running High Fevers

Stick-People Drawn Sunset

Who are the Figures?
















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Sweet Memories


Time flies by way too fast

And what was the present’s now the past

And I think how we were back then

The trees whisper your name again


Sing to me sweet memories

Of just how great things used to be

Remind me again what went wrong

To end the time when we’d get along

Laughing and playing in the summer breeze

Jumping in the river from an old tree

I remember how great things were back then

Sing to me sweet memories


Twelve years later at a county fair

Our first date I was so scared

But your hand felt so right in mine

How would I know I’d forget that time?

Our wedding day, and honeymoon

Before long you’re a mother soon

I felt like I was on top then

I wish I could go back again


Sing to me sweet memories

Of just how things used to be

Of how her kiss felt that night

How holding her felt so right

Knowing my son was on the way

Thanking God everyday

I remember how great things were back then

Sing to me sweet memories


Here I sit in a Hospital room

Doctor says it will be soon

Forgotten life for so long

And my body is not so strong

But as I’m leaving, just before I pass

I see my life through the looking glass

And I see my wife once again

I remember how it was back when


Sing to me sweet memories

Of just how things used to be

Kiss my wife every night

Living, loving through my life

Now to Your Son, I’m on my way

Thank You God everyday

For letting me remember how things were back then

Sing to me sweet memories


Sweet memories

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this song from the viewpoint of an old man with alzheimers.... I don't know, something just clicked as I wrote.  Enjoy

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Cutting (Epilogue)

Pain scorches my mind

As I peruse the novels

Of my recollections

Every night is identical

Read, reminisce, agony

So I incinerated the library

Of my long kept memories

And their embers seared a hollowness

Into my soul

The ashes of my past

Floating away into the blood-red of the firmament

Or is it of my veins

I can’t say

I can’t remember

I don’t care

The stars sing tenderly to me

Their mournful cry from afar

Helpless to relieve me

Powerless to help

Incapable of aiding

A dying man

A vanished cause

A solitary shadow

I’ve given up the contest

There is no longer a challenge

No longer the next battle

Just eternity at my fingertips

And the doorway in my hand

A slit across the open earth

And I fade into nothingness

Perhaps they will miss me when I’m gone

Funny how they listen

When you can no longer speak

Yet, perhaps they will forget me

I do not know

Another life aborted

Gone into I know not where

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Note: I do not cut now, this is just a story.  Written after the end, therefore subtitled Epilogue. I won't say to enjoy this one...

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Just For Fun

The day is done

The night has come

The haste is gone

And peace has won

The light, it fades

To evening shades

The harvesters reap

But soon will sleep

The night must prevail

Over hill and dale

So that the sun

Tomorrow can come

And so that time won’t seem so long

I sing to you this evensong

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