Warm December

How nice of you,
To think of me.
Thoughts hammered with-
Hopes and fantasies.
Suddenly, I'm in a place-
I never asked for.
Yet you beg me to play along-
Told you to hold-
Your breath.


Don't you think that this will be the night-
You'd remember?
I'd hold you close-
Cold nights in December.
Bring you Summer days-
Springs tease.
I'll be  the one you-
Wont forget.
Stain your dreams.
Cold Sweats.


As the- 

Winter with its doom-


Stars and the moon.

Touch down with me, my love.

And we will be one.


When the leaves-

Swing to trees.

Autumn will celebrate, 

You and me.

Decaying days live to see many moons.

My love, your spring blossoms and blooms.


Nature / Folder 1

Flowers and
showers in
April and May,
June and July
getting warmer
each day,
August, September,
kids go back
to school,
October, November,
now it's getting
too cool,
December and
January, we all
pay the price,
icy the sidewalk,
no boots will
suffice, February,
March, so glad
it's getting
warm, here
we are back
once more
chasing the



2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The beauty of cycles in nature.

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"The Lighthouse"

Ice crystals collect upon the lighthouse tower,

The ray of spiraling light ripping through a curtain of fibrous white.

A stream of silence signals those lost upon the waves,

Bringing them home to a shore of evergreen and fir.


A village stays hidden in the hills between the mountains,

Houses lay sleeping, exhaling twisted smoke.

Snow flakes fall weightless against a world painted in white acrylics,

Pine branches shivering against the gentle crystal kiss.


Rose buds become breathless under a blanket of quiet snow,

The warmth of the fire counteracts a frigid winter night.

The lighthouse whispers gently to those lost among the waves,

"Follow my beam, I'll guide you, safely back to shore."

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I just love the power of the lighthouse: safety, protection, and promise; a guide home.

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Keeper (since winter will not go away)

You know it's a good read when you pull it from bed,
and take it to the pisser,
read it while standing.

Like a fun-girl, she stands with,
I hold her in my left hand,
she's parted,
my head tilted,
skimming her lines.


Two t-shirts on, pulled above my navel.
Mid March with 2 feet of snow on the ground,
damn winter,
it will not go away.
My underwear pulled and pinned beneath my balls,
I read,
trickle a little,
then some more.
Bring her back to bed,
and like the perfect being she is,
lying face down,
spread open to satisfy me.


Jim Creston
March 2001
All Rights Reserved



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Poetry is my passion and my occupation.  Your purchase of my books greatly help! :)


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the fairest of them all

the fairest of them all

a thousand tiny deaths, breaths,

moments from the sky,

melting into the atmosphere untouched,

you do not linger,

i, an evil queen with my ebony-black hate,

i am watching you, the dewy-eyed disney princess,

ephemeral, pure,

but with a pig heart,

your falling grace and your fragile innocence,

you cannot last the season

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it has been snowing non-stop for about a week now. i'm not fed up of it because it doesn't lay. it just falls then melts to nothing. it's pretty great and it sort of inspired me. i'm not sure what this poem really is, it sounds sort of artificial to me. and i haven't written in more than a year. i'd appreciate feedback, good or bad. thank you.

Persisting Coolant Goes White

What was it doing,

hungry for the grounds it dared

tread upon, intermittently;

it drew the industry's smoldering breath.


Dare it not attempt

to besiege on we, who hold

the obedience of nature

here, where sky is forced to meet solid ground.


What of this, old wench?

You, who dwells where God did not --

When will the sun pierce these mongrel

clouds, granting us the fevers that we crave?

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Green Tree Lodge

The name is ironic, I think, as I crunch down

The snow. Crunch—crunch. Treading snow.

Probably treading leaves under snow.

Treading leaves. Crunch.


The walls are purple. Disconcerting.

There are other people. They disconcert me.

These other people, they are not well.


The linoleum is grey,

Grey like the light outside

And the thoughts within.


The doctor sees me. I talk.

It is the same sordid story

And does not bear repeating here.


He asks me questions. I respond.

The answers do not bear repeating here.

I sink into my plastic chair. I am tired.


The air was cold on the way up the hill.

And I forget to take my inhaler.

My chest clutches at my heart.


My heart clutches at my mind—

The brittle shards of my mind.

Crunch. Crunch. Crunch.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First one in a long while.


Please let me know if it works for you or doesn't, and why. Thanks.

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Winter Song


To melodious tunes in starry eyed dreams-

comes surrender to scores adrift on airy skies

Sparkling glint of reflections in the windswept view,

brings lulled wonder with music's delightful rise


Snowflakes dancing on breaths of winter's wail,

whirl to trailing notes that nature's fifers play

Icy crystals that twinkle with captured light,

gently sifts through trees and gathers in the ley


Layered in gleaming white, further than eyes can see,

symphony sweeps the scapes with its spangled sheen

Faces in the windows, transfixed by sights and sounds,

share their joyful whispers for the unfolding scene


Hearts readied to slip away in the cover of night

to conquer slops on polished rails, spurred by every thrill

Warmly dressed and out the door- follows season's allure

laughter's bundle of wishes seeks contentment's fill


With running starts, off you go - riding memories for life,

breathless stance atop the hill, waiting turns to slide,

Set adrift on winter winds - playing another song,

sounds of children in their world where dreams reside



To melodious tunes in starry eyed dreams-

comes surrender to scores adrift on airy skies

Sparkling glint of reflections in the windswept view,

brings lulled wonder with music's delightful rise



© C.E.Vance

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