*Winter Is (Now) Part 2*



 Trisha Barrek Hopkins


Winter is loving 

Winter is cold

Winter is for the young

And for the old 

Winter is awesome

For this is true

Because we've been told

Winter is for me 

Winter is for you 

Winter is for every family

Families big and small

And ones that have their own crew


Winter but only comes once a year

Not in spring or fall

But it only comes in the coldest days of winter 

You know when it's near 

The birds fly away

And when you wake up It's freezing outside

But you go out anyway In the snow to play

Build a fort....Sit there....Wait and hide

For the one who will get hit by your snowball

Will try to get you by the end of the day

So make sure to duck and get away

Make sure to have alot of ammo placed by

And once again sit quietly and pray

This time you'll get your shot

And not miss or you'll hurt your pride

But of course once again you miss

You try again and hit your target on spot

You have your ultimate bliss

He got hit with a snowball on the side of his head

By your little sis

You give her a high five

And jump for joy

And are glad you got him while you're alive

This year you finally got the boy


Winter is so much fun

But for now I'm heading in to get warm

And my boots feel like a ton

From all the snow that got inside

We have to hurry

Because here comes another storm

The clouds look dark,puffy,and wide

Yay! It's begining to flurry


Winter is loving

And I am cold and wet from the snow

I really don't like shoveling

You didn't care to hear before

But now you know

The fun events of today

In my diary I will store

So say good-bye to the bitterness of winter

Set it free

It's never a bore 


Winter has a charm

The best part 

Is when we have our first snow

It's so gorgeous outside

It brings warmth to your heart

From the sun It's all white and so much glitter

Not a snow flake misplaced 

It's just prettier


On our way to get on our sled 

Down the hill we slide

You won't want to miss the fun

Family all by your side 

Memories....holding on to each one 


Winter is loving

Winter is cold

Winter is only here for a little while 

So for now I'm going to enjoy

Sit back and watch it fall with a smile 



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Nature's Music Box

Just a thought!

I awoke this morning, a slight nip in the air,

my slippers, no where in sight, guessing the dog needed them again.

Stepping briskly, tring to traverse the sparcely scattered rugs

strewn about the cold, hardwood floor of the cabin, I made my way through

to let the dog out. Upon opening the door, thoughts of a Currier and Ives,

hand colored Lithograph flooded my mind, as if a Winter painting had dropped

from the sky, covering the landscape in Titanium white.

Only fine lines of warm grey let the trees peek through snow covered forest,

while glass, tinsel tops glistened in morning sunlight.

The only sound... a soft wind as it blew through icecicle windchimes...

            "The sweet sound of Nature's music box...

                                                                          as her ballerinas pirouette on ice"

by Barry Anderson

Author's Notes/Comments: 

" I opened the door this morning to five inches of snow cover,

and a symphony of icecicles playing music box melodies.

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Winter's Last Stand

Just a thought!

The sun rises and sweeps across a still land frozen in time.

Old man Winter loses cold reign once again.

Spring thaw rules as a new day dawns.

A blinding white blanket melts off a sleeping lanscape

while footprints dissipate back into the earth.

Rivers run deep taking away all signs of a killing frost.

Spring colors return and blossum into new life.

Surviving the season, freed from confinement,

We have walked out of "Winter's last stand."




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just came to me while staring at a cactus bush'

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The Commencement

  Certainly do not want to waste any space
in my precious notebook of chicken scratch
ramblings of an incoherent nature
Oh sweet fool of the great lustrous nothing.
nothing better to do of this numbing slumber.
Come...we take to the pen..
on blizzard eve nightfall 
drunken parchment binge 
soak me of this pigmented fluid 
deep into the crooked knotty veins
of this byproduct of our imminent deforestation..
Hypnotic ejaculate of brainwindow 
mouth projector 
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Winter has Stepped in

Winter with all its glory,

And majesty,

Has spread its wings,

And my heart in elation sings.


The vegetables smile feeling free,

Have a shower each tree,

Through the smog,

Goes almost mute the tiny fog.


Some rejoice the season,

Some don’t, for a coherent reason.


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Summer for light.
Fall for beauty.
Winter for clarity.
Spring for resurrection

A Kiss(A Kiss~Life~Winter)

We've been kissed by Winter
snow covers the ground,
there's a chill in the air
clouds above are all around.

Life of singing birds
flying through the sky,
a soft, gentle breeze blows
and something catches my eye.

You stand beside me
and offer me a kiss,
your touch warms my heart
my soul fills with such bliss.

Copyright © Cynthia Jones


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I had a different title, but decided to change it to something else. The words in brackets, are challenge words.

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Calling From The Winter

In my heart, loneliness is brewing

Winter rain is greeting my backyard

Something from the past is calling


All the thought, memory, seems to fade

You did shed sunlight in my heart

Days by days of my life, I have wasted


Still, I am here, the same man

Empty hand, waiting for its old warmth


A man doesn’t last, but his feelings do

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 From the womb of Mother Nature,

 Has appeared the winter,

 To perform its task momentarily,

 A blessing for some and a curse for many.


Winter has its unique smell,

 In addition to smog as its symbol,

 The rich can afford expensive shield,

 To fight against it but the poor merely yield.


Winter triumphs over the street-dwellers,

 And those struggling for their existence including snake charmers,

 And the slum occupiers scattered almost far and wide,

 They can never enjoy winter neither can they hide.


Winter happens to make some farmers smile in gladness,

  As it gifts them with crops so bright and fresh,

 Some of us pray to the Almighty to let it leave faster,

 Some others especially children want it to linger.


 Nature has its own laws to abide by,

 A kind of reincarnation takes place after each ephemeral goodbye,

  And so the cycle works akin to a Sufi whirling,

 We have to meet winter regardless of our being eager or unwilling.


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