From the womb of Mother Nature,

 Has appeared the winter,

 To perform its task momentarily,

 A blessing for some and a curse for many.


Winter has its unique smell,

 In addition to smog as its symbol,

 The rich can afford expensive shield,

 To fight against it but the poor merely yield.


Winter triumphs over the street-dwellers,

 And those struggling for their existence including snake charmers,

 And the slum occupiers scattered almost far and wide,

 They can never enjoy winter neither can they hide.


Winter happens to make some farmers smile in gladness,

  As it gifts them with crops so bright and fresh,

 Some of us pray to the Almighty to let it leave faster,

 Some others especially children want it to linger.


 Nature has its own laws to abide by,

 A kind of reincarnation takes place after each ephemeral goodbye,

  And so the cycle works akin to a Sufi whirling,

 We have to meet winter regardless of our being eager or unwilling.


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This Winter Poem Rocks

Just the reminder I needed. Nature has it's own rules. Digging out in Michigan to every word in this write. Thanks! ~Lady A~



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Thank you

Thank you so much.