Fall Song


Winter comes

To ice over my heart

Gone is my sunshine

My only sunshine

Summer is past

Our prime behind

Fall is here

And I strike the earth

“What goes up

Must come down”

And “what goes around

Comes around”

But as the leaves change

And fall to the ground

Someday you’ll fall

In my arms again

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Uncertainty in Normality

I walk through leaves
To stolen storms
Where green is not an option
I want to see the powder stream down
And paste the sidewalk frozen
The towers above me I do not fear
I have come here many a year
To places so familiar
I am home
Lights of brightness and of snow
I spread my wings and land on a cement rainbow
Grey for streets that never end
Yellow lines instructing you to keep to the path you choose
A palate of colors
That are always knowing
If I walked by you
Yes you that billboard there
Would you remember when I was here 3 years ago with my father?
Seeing my first staged production?
Or do you remember the summer after
When I went running forever through the streets
Looking for the cast of a television show
That no longer gives me laughter
I change with the seasons
I become different yet the same when it snows
When I enter the steel garden
I remember what has been
And I am never quite sure if I should be happy that it has been
Or sad that it can no longer happen the way it once did?

Post-Solstice Annual

Snow makes mockery of the night and
takes away all the dimming grayness
that stole the late hour from the stars.

Creatures spread thin dart across the sleet
and frost-encrusted ground in pursuit
of elemental sanctuary.

Jack came late, stumbling from the trip,
and ranting about the southerners
who steal away the birds come the cold.

All the while we scrape at the frost
in the quiet, yet desperate hope
that we'll wake to the warm tomorrow.

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Twists, twirls and filigree. A complex dance of a fuzzy ashen breath, exhaled slowly, striving against the constant march of silver snowfall. The inky night takes on a perceived fullness, veiling the usual chasmic sensation.

The fleeting whisps dissolve the stark contrast, introducing a welcomed intermediate. This blunted world is comforting, a voice is rendered inert. A misconstrued face moves, speaks from behind it. Even bullets are harmless.

The snow will fall.

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Bleak Christmas (2nd poem)

The wintery sun arises from the earth
But I sleep during its rebirth
The mist glistens all too far
I walk for hours, in desperate need of a car

The frost cripples the hardened grass
I gaze at the majesty of it all as I pass
The wintery sun falls helpless to the cold
We still go out and play, but not the old

Sitting in doors all alone
Feeling sad, cold to the bone
Is a man wanting to be
Happy, young and carefree

Christmas is not for you nor me
Nor is it about the Conifer tree
It's about friends and family,
Humankind, and its unity.

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Darkness Falls


Whispers of winds, gently breezing ~
Snow falls down; blowing, freezing.
Loneliness assists the painful crying ~
Reaching, wanting, loving, dying.
Pale skies with winter showing ~
Devouring light, darkness growing.
Fate it lurks, quietly stalling ~
Turning, running, jumping, falling.
Leaves chasing, nature stealing ~
Wounds gaping, never healing.
Tears dropping, falling, streaming ~
Whims, wishes; always dreaming.
Nights so cold, never warming ~
Nightmares, you; ever swarming.
Pain and suffering, trapped within~
Darkness falls on a heart of sin.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is half of a set; sort of the yin to the yang of my poem titled "Blue Skies & Butterflies"

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Holiday Traffic


Driving home drunk with water
From snowglobes
To see a would-be father in your living room
Swords drawn, a prophet to your screams
While I tripped and fell on my own bayonet
Long dulled by your heart and lungs
To your photographs: my torture device
My crucifix in a shoebox
And I, a gilded cage
A sultan on your couch
Watching the cosmopolitan image
And your thirsty work
How close I was
Your uncooperative tongue
I've considered the lilies for far long enough
You schizophrenic Lilith atop my Christmas tree
And maybe one day, I'll sling off your reigns
And cast you on the earth like a curse

Here Comes The Rain


You made my day as black as night
My life feels loss of meaning.
You’ve turned dark what once was bright
How can you know what I’m feeling?

Did you know that once you filled my life
Your loss would be unreal?
I could’ve avoided the pain and strife
If you had told me how you feel.


Here comes the rain
I’m crying in pain
Sighing with the wind
Swaying in the trees
Here comes the rain
I’m carrying the pain
I’m falling to my knees-
Here comes the rain.


Why did you say that I am not enough?
Why pierce me to the soul?
Because now, like the winter wind outside
My heart’s become so cold.

Here comes the rain
I’m crying in pain
Sighing with the wind
Swaying in the trees
Here comes the rain
I’m carrying the pain
I’m falling to my knees-
Here comes the rain.


Here comes the rain
I’m crying in pain
Sighing with the wind
Swaying in the trees
Here comes the rain
I’m carrying the pain
I’m falling to my knees-
Here comes the rain.

It's been a long winter, long week

Time hurries on

I shed skin like the tide
Ebb and flow and changing my
Broken toy,
I keep the pieces in a box
With lint, fingernail clippings,

Ideas are my carbon flecked diamonds
And they jangle in here,
too –
Too afraid to come near

I am neap and nadir
I fade

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Written February, 2012.

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