It only takes a whisper

To break an eternity of silence

It only takes hope

To dispel a world of fear

It only takes love

To erase a history of hatred

It only takes a touch

To wipe away a tear

Time and Memories {Revisited}


I dreamed a dream of stars and light

Shining brightly in the night

But then I saw, to my surprise

That they existed in your eyes

I had an illusion of desire

It's scarlet flames were rising higher

And soon after we took flight

You quickly vanished in the night

I gained an insight of your being

Sitting, broken, hopeless-feeling

I sat next to you, contrite

To tell you it was all alright 

I bear a vision, dark and deep

It has me turning in my sleep

Your memories I'll keep and keep

As I sit to sigh and weep

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just felt like tweaking it a bit, the first part is still my favorite

You and Me

The sun will rise again,

Just not for you nor I. 
How many times had it risen
Before there was a we? 
How many times had it set?
On how many other worlds
Has a star fallen from the sky?  
It is vain to say this world 
Revolves around the sun,
Only for the sake of Us. 
More than that, it is a lie. 
Let me ask you this:
If you were the One 
And had endured all of time,
Had created all that could be,
Would you settle for you and me? 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Look beyond 

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Your Love

Holy recital,

Aaliyah's in the booth,

Sounds of heaven, sing sweet to me,

My dreams fade as reality becomes clear to me,

Im not alive and there is nothing even she can do for me.

So sweet, 

Aaliyah is that you feeling me?

Death feels so good to me.

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People call me an atheist.

Even have the audacity to call me a "heathen".

So be it. 


When we love someone

in the midst of being separated from them forever,

for whatever reason---


difference of opinion,

personal preferences,





We feel the impact of love,

on us,

to its most powerful extreme.

It would "seem" natural....


that we would be able to know

from that alone,

that love is the most powerful force

on the face of the Earth

as far as motivating






and trust it....

"go with the flow".


The greater the pain is,

the more intensely we feel the love,




that does not seem to be the case in all instances.


Separation often brings resentment,  


regression into destructive coping mechanisms,


more distance,

and instead of love growing,

it disappears completely,

as people cling to belief systems

that place man made moralistic laws and priorities

before it. 


 In the bible it says,

(for my bible friends)

"thou shalt place no false gods before me".  

Just sayin.

Translate it how it makes sense to you.


There is no superior morality,

and there is no particular type of


or religion






There is just love.


Take it, or leave it. 

It is what it is.


©June 2016

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The holy babble.

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From nightmare to nightmare ,

wake up from a nightmare,
 And enter this nightmare,
 it's never a dream,
 if ever at all ,
I stand I fall, 
Berate befall,
It's Never a dream ,
Control is a lie,
I live I die ,
L. E. V. I.,
It's never a dream,...(there is more but to slowly unleash the damn of me is taken well)


Here I am again, been walking down this path so wide

Thinking I wish that i could just hide.

I want so bad to go back the other way,

but then I feel like a failure every day.


The stress comes, and it washes over me like a waterfall.

I don't know what to do. I'm being hit from all sides.

God what did you ever see in me?

I wish i could just use my eyes and see...I'm so weak.


But then I hit my knees and everything leaves.

Everything but you, standing here with me

carrying me through this hard time

giving me what I need...life


I feel it hard at work everyday

I listen to every word the people say

Some I want to hate so bad,

but then I don't know what kind of life they've had.


Then I hit my knees and everything seems

to be about you, standing here holding me.

carrying me through this hard time

giving me what I need...


life brings me blocks to stumble on

stress at work, can't see my girlfriend

damn this schedule, fuck this life

those are the words that come to mind.

That is the hurt I feel inside.

Everything seems like hate,

this is what i see day to day.

The pressures on like the world's on my shoulders

God please make me what i need to be. Make me bolder.

Give me time. Help me through!



Now I'm on my knees and everything seems

to be about you, standing here holding me.

carrying me through this hard time

giving me what I need...

Lift me up Lord I need your help

I'm having trouble using the cards i was dealt!

Take me now, and make me more than i am!

Bring me to life again...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I am a faithful Christian, but I have been in such a slump lately. I'm so over stressed that I'm pretty sure i'm a couple of cheeseburgers away from a heart attack. This is my prayer to God to give me the strength to deal with what's on my plate, and it's my prayer to ask Him to take some of it from me as well. Im not about to crack...I have already started to from the inside out. But, I'll put one foot in front of the other until i can't move anymore...God it felt good to write that out and get it off of my chest.

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Lost or '...

Not that I am lost in the abyss of my sins, 
nor conceal the strangest of the dark; 
it is simply the path I am walking. 

I hope to get to the light before my death, 
at times I feel that any day can be my last, 
other days I feel invisible, omnipotent 
moreover, omniscient; like God.

but if you ask me if, “I understand the 
miracles of life,” honestly I will answer,


"I do not even understand myself, and I 
am a miracle. "


Not that I am lost, but decided to take the 
wide road, because in this path the night 
elves accompany me to a new tomorrow, 
they understand me. 


Yes, I confess my soul is lost and confused 
by what the future holds with the mother 
of my daughter; I know that when she is 
born I will take rein.


Not that I am lost; simply I just
don’t give a fuck! 



copyright2013 #soulkritic

Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Binary Cognition (the Expanse vs. the Inhibitors)

Intruders in the dome of geodesic pink:

Fixtures there have risen, tendrils turned from digits,

forming living chains with corruption housed in-link.


All preemptive measures have fizzled in repose;

neurons dim by proxy, the smell of sleep is known

and shared among synapses as they lapse and doze.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is really awful and I don't really feel like fighting to finish it, so enjoy, or something.

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