Time and Memories {Revisited}

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Just felt like tweaking it a bit, the first part is still my favorite

You and Me

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Look beyond 

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Your Love

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The holy babble.

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I am a faithful Christian, but I have been in such a slump lately. I'm so over stressed that I'm pretty sure i'm a couple of cheeseburgers away from a heart attack. This is my prayer to God to give me the strength to deal with what's on my plate, and it's my prayer to ask Him to take some of it from me as well. Im not about to crack...I have already started to from the inside out. But, I'll put one foot in front of the other until i can't move anymore...God it felt good to write that out and get it off of my chest.

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Lost or '...

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Binary Cognition (the Expanse vs. the Inhibitors)

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This is really awful and I don't really feel like fighting to finish it, so enjoy, or something.

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