American Struggle


This reality is my demise

Where everything I hear is evil and full of lies

There's a little girl hungry but no one hears her cries

Cuz her mothers workin two jobs strugglin but she tries


This worlds just so fucked up

People murder and betray just for a quick buck

And you won't make it out alive without a little bit of luck

It's a sad realization that the world is so corrupt

Inner-City school's now in session

" And I don't wanna learn the streets teach me lessons"

The kid says while his mom counts her blessins

Praying her sons not a victim of intellectual recession

Lower class is second class in this nation

Where people look to crime for salvation

And don't blame us for giving into the temptations

It's a trickle down economy but we're dying of dehydration.


So what are we supposed to do?

When it feels like the worlds united against you.

Getting sick in this nation if you don't have insurance

Could be a death wish if you don't have the endurance

To keep fighting for your right to a life

If you could call it that through all the hardship and strife

But you gotta stay optimistic in this sadistic

Nation where we come second to special interest

I promise, what I'm telling you is fact

Obama and Romney's biggest supporter is Goldman Sachs

That's no coincidence you can realize that

Just open your eyes long enough to see the devilish pact

And now is the time for us to react

Take our country back We need a revolution stat

They can't get away with their oppresive facist acts

Or you can just sit back relax and wonder where your freedom is at


Just wake up

Open your eyes

Realize that our government lies

And before another soldier dies

Before another family cries

We need to rise

Cut ties with this government guise

fight for your lives cause your freedoms the prize

just open your eyes

And realize what they took

The truth is right in front of you 

But don't be scared to look

Rise Mexica Movement Rise

****Dedicated to the Women and Men Warriors of the Mexica Movement for all they do for our People****


Rise Mexica Movement;
In the face of racism and injustice of our Brown people Rise,
When no one else will demonstrate, boycott or march
Rise Mexica Movement Rise....


When everyone else is so busy with their little life details
Rise Mexica Movement Rise,
Not in Perfection but draped in determination and willingness
to rise to the occasion, Rise Mexica Movement Rise....


With Education, facts, and sound reason
Rise Mexica Movement Rise,
When everyone else runs and scatters
Rise Mexica Movement Warriors Rise....


I thank you with every tear that falls from these half breed eyes
We thank you with every ounce of precious blood that was spilt
from our Ancestors
Rise Mexica Movement Rise....


A great man (Malcolm X) once said....
"If you are not part of the Solution then you are part of the problem!"
Rise Mexica Movement Rise
continue being a solution to our peoples problems....

Rise Mexican Movement Warrior RISE....


May 9, 2013
Copyrights Chicahuac Necahuatl © 2013-2016

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is just a small appreciation for the Men and Women Warriors of the Mexica Movement. Mexica Tiahua!

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The Queen On A Silver Dollar

Words are written like spiders that have danced in ink,
Across the pages facts are re-written,
Painted from bruised memory,
I see skies only with creases in them.
So fold me now into myself,
Pin my paper heart to the wall.

Fat and thin, a delicate thing,
Secrets shared only on streets under moonlight.
The never, the maybe, the equal transition,
Is the beating of my mind.

The muscle pulls away in threads,
A sad sentiment of a fallen empire.
Sell me your story that will lead nowhere,
Replace the world with your anxiety.

Inviting hysterectomy of the self,
A bullet filled tissue is inviting a re-match.
How could a god make twins so dumb,
To dance so merrily in front of the gun?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A nation that falls for everything stands for nothing.


This is a revolution

Hear now what the children cry

Wake now from confusion

Your Savior stands in the sky

Your time is fast approaching

Life or loss, the choice is yours

Quickly, now, in this moment

Before time secures its doors


Can’t you see

Can’t you feel

Can’t you tell

The conflict’s real

That we war

For your soul

To leave you empty

Or make you whole


Here He stands while the battle rages

You want to destroy yourself

Give up to the Rock of Ages

Only He saves people from Hell

He calls to let Him save you

He wants to give you life

All He asks is that you believe Him

For your old self give Him the knife


Put to death your old self

Crucify your lusts forever

Bury them, six feet deep

Never to rise, forever to sleep

All this for the love of God

All this for your own sake

All of this to tell others

Veracity from fake


Can’t you see

Can’t you feel

Can’t you tell

The conflict’s real

That we war

For your soul

To leave you empty

Or make you whole


The time is now

The time is here

Why wait now

What do you fear?

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Digital Industrial

Hammer to the bone,

Pain to make the heart beat slow.

There’s diamonds in the water,

Drinking sorrow with a bittersweet grin:

There’s so much effort put into hate.


Tomorrow rests on a hazy sunrise,

What is to become of resurrected, buried lies?

We sewed our eyelids to the warning,

Forgetting the echoes of careless whispers,

Withdrawing into a false sense of security.


Break the cycle,

Burn the trail,

Systematic slave on labour’s golden wheel;

Giving heart to a brainless machine,

Apathetic and lethargic:

Not programmed for reality.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's a revolution

Changing of the Guard


Who is worth saving, and who will be left behind
who will stand on the hill to give commands, and who will follow the blind
when will their eyes open
when will their patience wear thin
when will they rise up from the grave
and when will the change begin?

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I am Shadow

Against the rushing tide we've failed; against the wave of chaos and great change to follow we have been pushed back in a vast ocean of failure. Our revolution imploded, our way of life has become extinct. Now our world has ceased to exist, and we've become orphans in our own land; homeless, despised, hunted, and driven to the edge of oblivion. What we were is no more, and what we are is shadow.

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youth N revolt

Calling all youth
We will be silenced no more.
Its time to break our silence and find our voice.
They say we are lost,
But this generation has yet to be found.
Unleash the chaos from within.
Time is aginst us,
But we have fight.
No longer will we be held under control.
We demand revolution.
We are youth in revolt.

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The Revolution

In the streets, the people protested; in rage they clashed
against the system, against the laws and the enemy in power;
the losing battle they fought, knowing the beliefs they held onto
were slipping away; knowing the foundations built were
crumbling and the old ways were dying
even as they shouted to the sky and to the corrupt leaders
who looked down from the windows of heaven
Into the dark evening the fires of chaos ascended.

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