At Some Caverns

"Friends, you have gone about this work all wrong.
"You think in shortest terms; I think in long.
"More martyrs just mean more converts again.
"Their faith is a bulwark, sturdy and strong;
"therefore, it must be undermined within.
"The best way?---Help them build an institution,
"which will serve as platform for your solution.
"Mankind rebels from all authority;
"you find this noted through all history;
"sometimes the most horrific tragedy
"arises from this search for novelty:
"the shallow glitter of some innovation
"can cause a tragic demoralization.
"Consider:  finding some cheap forgery,
"some of them will succumb to the temptation
"of making concerted and scholarly
"effort to find a better explanation:
"the way dominion reached for domination
"upon the earth, fresh from the Lord's creation.
"Thus, always, it will be the first ambition
"to leave the harbor of reality
"for seas of all too mystic intuition.
"This, given over to imagination,
"will grant, to fakes, an authenticity
"of shallow---sometimes, wild---interpretation;
"as, for example, how a man should live---
"grasping for some clever alternative
"against established (thus, less novel) fact.
"For now, conceal your slyly fictive pages
"in desert sands.  They will be found, intact;
"then heralded as someone's brave New Age's
"most precious and profound discovery.
"Error like this has been easily spread
"since I once asked those first fools 'Hath God said?'"

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Sqaured Meanings

My pen: my sword;
My voice: my tactics;
My heart: my life;
My body: my ship.

Take my sword,
Silenced not my voice,
Take my life,
My sailing ship--sunk.

My name: a shadow;
My past: insignificant;
My reality: simple beliefs;
My home: true love.

Lest you remove the sun, reality,
My shadow will stay;
Judge me not for my reality,
I only care to stay with my home.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A simple thing thrown together. Although it appears that the meanings of words are all ready displayed, that is only half of it.

I don't know. It's twisting. So I wrote it.

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God Has A Dream! And I Do Too!

My Commentaries

Archbishop Desmond Tutu latest book’s title struck a me so profoundly... God Has A Dream: A Vision Of Hope For Our Times.


The Archbishop states, “God dream is for the women of the world to take over and start a revolution and turn the world into a place of compassion, gentleness, and sharing..."

Most assuredly, God has a dream, so do I too!

In order for radical change to be made on earth, we must start a radical changing revolution. Women can revert the world into a place of compassion, gentleness, sharing, and helping our human family this is the solution. The world revolution women initiate can start loving, and giving to grow and thrive so we may have peace and harmonize. God has a dream, so do I too!

It begins with you and me. God has placed the spirit in women of the world to make changes you see. Remembering from our past history when any radical changes which have come about, it was a woman or women whom initiated these changes. God has a dream, so do I too!

This was and is the real deal. Now, in order for the world’s hurting heart to be healed the women of the world must make a big deal and revolt, it is the world’s only hope. Search deep in your heart’s you can feel what I fee look to God he will give you what you need to succeed. The revolution of peace, loving, compassion, gentleness, and giving is vital for the world’s human family’s living prosperously. God has a dream, so do I too!

Women the heart of the world is you. I would not have told you this if it were not true.

Starting a revolution is what it is going to take to make the difference we are going to make. Yes the drastic measures we are going to have to take for humanities sake… God has a dream, so do I too!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The women of this earth must start a revolution and make a difference in all our lives. Looking at poverty, AIDS epidemic here, Uganda, South Africa around the world! Not to mention the current wars here (crime, gang violence, to only mention the tip of our major real issues etc.) and abroad has taken a devastating toll on us all.  Intellectual introspections in its purest form is fine, however, philosophical daydreaming does nothing to benefit humanity. There has got to be a radical revolution in order to change the world's present situations. Time to stop daydreaming and get off our collective Asses and revolt now!

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I Wrote This One For You (Part 2)

She sits at home in quite

Until the maddness starts up agian

Then she cannot breath

She cannot smile again

She feels like crying

She feels like dying

But still doesn't want anyone to know

She want no one to care for her at all

She builds a castle without a door

She doesn't want to talk no more

She just waits a day,

For the pain to go away

There is a friend who tried to comprehend

Although he is not there he would still like to know

She cares so much, that he cares so much

She cares enough to push him away

She knows he doesn't need this pain and wishes he'd stay away

But he cares and he listens, he takes everything she says

He'd take anything, to make her day OK

So she remembers, back to the days

When he and her didn't have seperate ways

She sits and wonders what it would be like today

And so does he, he loves her so much, in whatever way she needs

And this girl she could become anythign she wants

She will grow up and have a great life someday

She is scared of commitment and the pressure it brings

She was taught not to love, such simple petty things

From a mother and from a father

Who didn't get things worked out together

She is still cryin there every single day

But this boy knows her true

He can see the love in her and knows what she can do

He hopes she will never give up on a dream she had

She hopes he will learn when to just give up

But he knows what she can't see

A magical mind full of beauty

But he will let her be, until she sees

The every GIFT that God has given her

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Part 2 of the series of poems...a little different then the first, but I never said they would be similar. This one is about inner beauty and what she cannot sometimes see. Giving is the best I can do right now, so here, take it and do with it what you like, it's yours...for you.

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Leaping turrets,

soaring arches,

brooding gargoyles,

water streaming

from their mouths.

A fallen angel,

wings tattered,

by the alter,

praying to god.

Weeping angels,

carved from onyx,

brooding sentinels,

in the halls.

On swooping ceilings,

murals painted,

cherubs dancing

in the clouds.

Torches burn,

cause creeping shadows,

creatures hiding,

in the night.

An organ plays,

the music soars.

People weeping

at the sound.

Stained windows,

showing pictures,

making you,

cry to god.

In the church,

people pray.

In the church,

people sing.

In the church,

people weep.

In the church,

people are Redeemed.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If I think correctly, I made this when I was reading The Vampire Armond. (Got to love that book, and all of the other Anne Rice books) But one thing is for sure, I love this poem a lot. Theres something about it maybe.

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You've taken everything

My thoughts

You've taken everything I have

Claiming it to be your own

You've done it single handed

without even coming off your throne

You've taken my music

and my friends

my mind and my soul

My thoughts and my feelings

you've taken control

Over everyone else

but not ever me!

I am free!

I'm alive!

If that's all I have to live for

I'm not gonna die.

I am free

I'm alive

No longer will you hold

Control over me.

You've taken everything

so everything you will lose

Don't even ask

for a God damned truce

Fuck go to

Hello what do ya know

I've regained my control

I've taken back my life

And everything you stole.

I am free!

I'm alive!

If that's all I have to live for

I'm not gonna die.

I am free

I'm alive

No longer will you hold

Control over me.

I am free!

I'm alive!

If that's all I have to live for

I'm not gonna die.

I am free

I'm alive

No longer will you hold

Control over me.

No longer will you take

Everything from me.

Author's Notes/Comments: explains itself

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Political Anarchy

Our world is devastated with blight from terrorists who's killed so many its left tears in most of our sights.

The pain which has been caused some feel is our own doing due to our mental zones even though the air planes that has flown.

To one of our most dedicated sites you destroyed with hate but honestly did you expect them to wait.

With our country in its hideous way of living that has decided to take all that had been giving.

By our forefathers intent on peace all the in charge now has caused this to decrease.

Now until we go back heres the reason why this America tries to only buy.

The love and unity for which we've started to believe in although looking past the facade and seeing the lions den.

Often when people ask why it doesn't bother me when terrorists kill so many American families I tell them we mostly have caused this and they say damn to me.

So as so many EVILS run amok in our home of supposed free will and unbiased culture I see the truth from hanging on this painful sepulcher.

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I have to

Mental Stuff

I have to leave

I have to escape

I can't stay long

In this god foresaken place.

No where to run

No where to hide

With nothing but a friend

right by my side.

It has finally come

to this one effect

until I am out

I cannot rest.

I have to get out

I want to be safe

and when I leave

I wont be the same.

I dont know where I'll go

Or how I'll get by

But I know I have to leave

With less than a sigh.

I have to leave

I have to escape

I have to get out

Of this god foresaken place.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

a poem about when me and a friend were and are planning to run away...

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Man in the Mirror

Love is Pain

I've been told that maybe I should do some "shadow work."

It's kinda like working on that "inner jerk" except it's

a little more spiritual.

Quite often I'll find myself running off towards love

only to capture lust in the garden of delights as love

quite easily escapes my sights and all of my "rights"

and "wrongs" flash before my eyes to no suprise...any-

more.  Now I just simply sit back and wait to see what

love has in store for me next.

Funny, but when I read love stories the text seemed oh

so plausible.  I've tried and I've tried to believe that

it's fake but surely I'll cry more than I'll laugh

so in the aftermath of my last "greatest" relationship

I've ever known, I think I'll attempt to own up to those

cracks in my cement, the chinks in my armor, my..achilles


For real, if Superman can have kryptonite then truly I can

have a sex-less night and not feel like I'm alone, right?

Sometimes I feel that if loneliness is a job or even a

career then I'm ready for my pension plan to kick in and

somebody hand me a shovel because my love is getting

buried six-teen feet under.

It's now wonder all of those romances ended with, "happily

ever after" because nobody wanted to have to pay bills, or

raise kids, or show what couples did when life wasn't a

"spoon-ful of suga" cause the medicine is really, actually

very foul and taking it has left me howling at the moon

naking in the middle of Central Park like the Fisher King

Maybe it's my turn to be mean sometimes and listen intently

to DMX rhymes while I give love and romance the gas-face

Yeah! When will it be my turn to ask for space?  When will

it be my turn to tell someone who loves me to get the hell

oughta my face then dismiss their tears, stomp on their fears

and watch all of my years as MR NICE GUY go sailing bye-bye?

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