I dont Give A Damn

Im spreading my wings, im breaking outta this town!

ive snapped the chains, dare you to try to stop me now!

If you try to lock me back up, ill knock you right down

Ive been imprisoned for years. Never capable of tears

Given up on right and wrong, Frozen emotions left unspoken,

Im gonna use this punishment against you

Now that the walls have broken, ive been beaten, tortured, struck down!

But once im done, I wont hear the memories over the sounds of your screams!

I’ve broken free; from now on everyday is Halloween

Never again will I bleed, never again will I scream!

Now it’s your turn to feel this pain, the way I felt it

Im serving rage, deceit and hate the same way you dealt it

If it aint broke im gonna break it, if it aint real im gonna fake it!

If the destructions soundtrack aint that bad… im gonna pelt it!

Im gonna live! Im gonna love! Im gonna get fucked up!

Im gonna rock out with my cock out, I aint never gonna have enough!

If you say that you aint afraid, im gonna have to call your bluff

You can stab me in the heart, if only I had one,

But no emotions, no pain, no sympathy, no other man quite like me,

No girl to love me, no lessons left to learn, no more flesh left to burn!

Never regret! Never scared! Never surrender! Never enough! I don’t give a FUCK!

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I Hate You

I hate you because
your remind me of everything
I yearn to be but "think I can't

I hate you because I'm blind
deaf and dumb to the reasons
of my very own insecurity
and hatred...

I hate you because
I have nothing better to occupy
my time, I am idle and dwell
within idle things...

I hate you because
I hate myself like the good
little slave that the europeans
have conditioned me to be...

I hate you because you know
just how ignorant I am
but I have no way of getting
out of this damn self made pit...

I hate you for all the things
I wish I could be but think
I'm not good enough to be...

I hate you because I've
never been loved and
have no idea what real
love feels like...

I hate you because I fear you
and everything you represent
I don't know any other thing to do
and isn't everyone hating too
so I might as well just
follow along like a good little
clone drone and assimilate...

Copyright 2006-2015 Chicahuac Necahuatl

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Harmony Within Nature

Literary Passages

'Harmony Within Nature'

I often find myself staring off at the horizon, Millions of thoughts coursing through my head like blood through my veins. In a world thats running at full speed it is often easy to find yourself lost. Alone in a giant world and a society that has an unfortunate record of doing more harm then good. For the most part people are able to to pick themselves back up and find the path they were originally on. There are those few however that are not able to pull themselves back together, that whatever it was that knocked them from the road to begin with deems to much for them to handle.

When I stare off into that horizon for the majority of the time I am thinking not of personal worries, not of bills, or of money but that of words and song, great poets of old. My mind spasms as I ponder what their trials and tribulations were, what it was crawling around in their minds to produce such profound words.

Usually as my mind drifts from thought to thought it settles onto the imagery of nature, my ears tune in picking up a bird chirping high up in a tree. Goosebumps form where the breeze rise the hairs on my arms, In this face paced world Nature's beauty is often lost replaced by a person behind a desk warning you that if you step outside your house you will die. We have forgotten how to talk with Nature, and how to praise our Mother. Like the bastard child we have became, we instead drill for the black gold that sustains our lives. We have forgotten her wrath and her love, the beauty she creates around us everyday that we fail to see as we pass by in a hurry to get to that next big business meeting. The hurricanes, the earthquakes, the viciousness worthy of any woman's scorn. She gives us everything we need to live and in return asks for very little.

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Liquid symmetry stoned sober clashed

Black bubbles burst by sentimental stranded threads

Lacking the harsh symptoms of lingering demons masked

Scavengers of temptation’s hand drunk from regretful vapors

Casting off their mojo spells anew

This encapsulated existence

Of cheap colognes and cuff links

Magic wings and useless things swallowed

Force tragic consequences of subdued repression

Violent circumstances of aborted saline trials

Allegorically feeding the upper accent of mistaken signs

A captive whore a Queen becoming

Princes who stole from themselves all along

A choir of iron chains moaning heavy bones

Nickel anchors keeping one after the other

After the other tied together

Knots needing the same

Restrained magnificent forgiveness

Glistening in Hell’s tide

Headless masters casting paper bag yokes

Cut off from seemingly endless sexual accusations

Waterfalls made of twice recycled plastics fell

Opening windows revealing dramatic polar stills

Parched asexual fluids drinking from stale pools of vinegar

Sunglasses stained with stagnant sun prints

Reflect a sarcastic, jealous wink

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Don't Tread Lightly

Thought For Food

is it a whistle of the wind

it was quiet till i spoke

i know the world doesn't listen

now trying too hard to show

it doesn't hear me

and it's swept hearts off their ribs

it's picked ev'ry single bone

and two people fighting pulling

now breaking apart a wishbone

it shatters near me

and it's a thistle in the sand

it was smooth soft till my feet

i know the path isn't welcome

now trying so hard to show

resistance its' force

but a thistle in foot

a thorn in my side

a cross and some nails

aren't enough for me to lie


jesus, prepare to meet another rebel

go world, do what you can do to me

but oh, i'm still stepping on your neck

and no, i don't tread lightly

don't bite me

if the wounds fatal

won't spit the venom out

i'll leave a mark

don't bite me

cause if the wounds fatal

won't spit the venom out

i'll leave a mark

i measure my steps.

is it a christian or gin

it was muslim and a jew

i know the world doesn't listen

now doesn't too much to itself

its similiarity

and it's kept hearts in their ribs

it's skinned ev'ry single home

and two people fighting pulling

now breaking apart a wishbone

(now breaking apart a tossed stone)

it shatters-they're thrown

(it shatters their throne)

they're bitter thistles in the sand

two gravestones i'd keep clean

but so come the ghosts to haunt their spirits

imploding so much to show

poltergeist force

but a thistle in foot

a thorn in my side

a cross and some nails

aren't enough for me to lie


jesus, prepare to meet another rebel

go world, do what you can do to me

but oh, i'm still stepping on your neck

and no, i don't tread lightly

and no, i don't tread lightly

and no, don't tread on me

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My Giant Leap

Recently I've made a giant leap

From searching my soul so true and deep

My family and Lord I will keep

And I'll sow the holes in which I reap

To all my friends, you don't give a shit

I don't blame you - not a little bit

For there's one thing that I can profit

And that's that none of you are worth it

As I stay away and do my time

I have conversations with my mind

Awaiting my freedom to be mine

Then I'll surely put my life in line

Now I feel a new kind of sorrow

That I'll probably feel tomorrow

By myself with no one to follow

Little support which I can borrow

Resentment and anger still lurking

I'm not sure why but it's still jerking

But all I know is that's not working

Feverish thoughts are not worth searching

But I can't forget my giant leap

The price of love is never too steep

I will sow the holes in which I reap

Keep moving on for I shall not weep

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote on: Feb. 1, 2007

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Lost Art {Extended}

Thought For Food

maybe i'm lost

maybe i'm a lost art

an artifact

someday they'll dig up

but i won't live in this time to ruin

so i guess you'll never find me with you

not under your heels nor shining your shoes

nor stomping grapes nor sipping wine with you

you've had your fill

and this will all

turn into a landfill

your garbage patch

your garden of steel trees

and polyester flowers

of april fools

and october surprise

(one day it'll pass)

one day you'll pass

surely you'll pass on

the history

that's secret to most passed lives

one day you'll pass

surely you'll pass on

the future

but your lineage will tear thread

or be strung up

some coming day

sunk into a landfill

your garbage patch

your garden of steel trees

and polyester flowers

of april fools

and october surprises

one day you'll pass

surely you'll pass on

and history

your supposed legacy will be gone

maybe i'm lost

maybe i'm a lost art

an artifact

someday they'll dig up

but either way there's no time to ruin

everything we do reverberates eternal

{i'll hit me with what they did five thousand years ago

cause it's already hitting me

in some way, maybe i don't understand

and maybe i'll never know all of it

but i'll hit me with what they did five thousand years ago

cause it's already hitting me

and two thousand years ago and fifty years ago,

you get it don't you?

you've got to be kidding me}

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Tradition, Soul and Technique


the passing of tradition, soul and technique

from the nomadic times of africa to the ancient times of china and europe, the passing

of tradition, soul and technique has been the most important thing to mankind. it shows a pattern necessary to the survival and mental wellness of one of nature's most active predators: man.

in the study, anthropology and psych-areas will be examined: i.e.- family patterns such

as occupation, habits, dominant brain-side(creative, constructive), lifespan, genetics and disease. these will yield information to be compiled and concluded in a 3 to 5 month study of 12-30 different geographical areas of the world including the following, with possible study-cases

for each region:


africa - 2-5

europe - 2-6

asia/russia - 3-5

americas - 3-9

australia - 2-4

the pri-sites for asia would be: one in russia, china and the poly-islands.

the pri-sites for africa would be: north and south, respectively the middle east and


the pri-sites for euro would be: france and germany

the pri-sites for the americas would be: E N america,W N america, central S america


the additional 18 if granted for extra funding, either pending the final results of the prior

12 desired case studies, or in succession as a larger study in whole would provide a much

broader and in-depth study of their respective regions.

the necessary funding would mainly concern logistical needs: i.e.- staffing,

communications (telecommunications, internet, faxing), travel(if approved, in a separate

brief for international boarding and research to be conducted on-site and in-person), living

expenditures for the duration of the study for myself and research time involved(to be

refined in a separate brief).

Author's Notes/Comments: 

we've forced ourselves to think by reason - religion is coming to an end

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Untitled -- 1.11.2008

woes of the world

the source of fear and deception si the personal loss prevention in all of us; it forms distrust amongst

those who are involved in our everyday lives. we can live next door to someone, a floor above,

a trashcan in an alleyway. no matter where we live we are only concerned at what benefits us in the

longrun. this division makes us who we are today; a society bent upon convenience. with the

commonality of money, we are all slaves to it.

in our needs we forget our rights: voice, choice, power and authority. we've let those who are

"wiser than us" make our decisions for us. in the world of trickle-down economoics, we throw our

voice into a vote up on high in the hopes that the benefits will best us in our time of need. why is

this so?

a collection of people in your immediacy, contributing a set-minimum-and-expandable-donation-for-the-vote.

with our decisions behind EVERY dollar and in the knowledge that the person voting next to you

has the same concerns and needs as yourself.

make businesses pay a proportion-more than an individual; let their donation have no impact on

the size of their voice. all for all and none for one, exist to give your time, not just your money,

in the service of your immediate community.

how do you hook people? show them the benefits of help, not excuses or out-right assistance. allow

community service in a way unparalleled in our time. with the internet and cell phones, we could

provide a level of connectivity unseen.

a vote does not say yes or no, but merely if you wish to contribute your funds towards an effort.

undecided remainders will be put into the Emergency Fund.

limit how much can be given to one person in a set amount of time. show no bias and allow not for

poor judgement. allow only installments and make repayment either in community service time or

Author's Notes/Comments: 

it's just an idea

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