Maldita Sea

Poems in Spanish

   No sé que hacer en este mundo de estupidos e imbéciles. Sي se ofenden por decir esto es porque ustedes lo creen. Yo no creo estar aquي por estar aquي. Vine acambiarlos a todos. Pueden decir que loca estoy. Sي quieren tomarlo como opiniَn. mi vida no es un paraiso. No tengo dinero ni amor. Lo unico que tengo ahorita y me sastifece es mi salud. Por eso a Dios gracias le doy. No me estoy quejando, solo se que es mi realidad y lo estoy aguantando. Muchas veces digo, lo digo con mis razones aunque al mismo tiempo agradecida estoy. Lo siento por maldecir, pero no se que mas decir.

Maldita sea haber nacido.

maldita sea todavia no llega el fin, tanto lo espero con ancias que me desespero.

Maldita sea agradable no fue mi infancia.


Talvez mi vida se compare con la de un perro. Aquellos que se ofenden porque su vida es de hermosas cosas es mejor que no escuchen, vean o lean esto. No sea que su vida solo sea un sueٌo, y de repente se despierten y se encuentren en un infierno.

Ahi sabran porque soy asي. Soy positiva, pero mas negativa. Espero que su vida se  no sea igual o peor que la mia. espero que no digan lo que digo acerca de la vida.

Maldita sea, que vivo.

Malditas sea, la jente es ignorante y desinteresada. Cual es en un problema de la raza humana.

Maldita sea, nacï aquي sin haber pedido.

Maldita sea, mi adolesencia no son mis aٌos mas lindos.

Maldita sea, las personas no saben que violencia llama mas violencia.


   No es necesario que analizen esto. No es obligatorio ser una persona ordinaria. No entiendo porque hay personas que no entienden nada, cuando lo entienden, lo entienden mal y salen lastimadas. Ya no se que pensar, si mi mundo en el que estoy de oscuridad se esta rodeando. Ya el problema desaparecera.

maldita sea, no sé si podre ayudar a este mundo a cambiar.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Solo estaba enojada cuando lo escribي

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"Bittersweet"   1 - 6 - 03

p.s.- i wrote this high thinknin about relationships, no one in particular, fyi. tell me whatcha think about the commenting/author interpretation of each stanza -- keep in mind, this is my interpretation/meaning and you are still entitled to your own interpretation/relation to yourself. enjoy and thanks for your time :)

as i'm walkin on the beach

i see a starfield sky

to the stars i wish to reach

to be lost again in your eye

toss myself among the jewels

drift upon your ocean of lies

it is comfort even with the cruels

of these currents and the tides

--the first stanza expresses the loneliness of the one with the many, how he focuses on the one, while ignoring the rest of his life--

lost, lost, lost all alone

left with no guide or hope

seems this night would never end

left always below your sight

thought i could never move on

always stuck under your eyes

but it's when i'm down and gone

that i see right through your guise

--2nd stanza relates how he feels when he sees the true side of his partner, that she is 'feeding' off him and holding him back (this is his own paranoia, too, keep this in mind)

you're an evil, yes you are

never let me drift that far

but now that i know who you are

i won't let you take my star

--same as second but now he's fighting back--

as i move break free of you

it is now that you show true

i know i wil never forget you

but leave you behind is what i'll do

--him moving on with his life--

break out scream and moan

i'm out on my way home

it is this beach that i roam

the place where i'm all alone

--he follows through with the break-up and experiences the pain and depression of his new found freedom--

now you are left upon the beach

all your dreams are out of reach

as your life flows through the breach

Author's Notes/Comments: 

relationships... marriage... oui gevoil

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2002 Poetry

twitchy  belly

sickened by gluttony

abdominal tic

watch for an abrupt switch

quite an atmospheric prick

bringing one to petulance

dangling a lungful of air

able to kill in a swirl

until the whiff of reek ebb

‘till then I shall breathe again

i’m not guilty, so don’t look at me

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If symptoms persist, see a Doctor..  ;)

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Living Grave

Page 1

                                                                                                                                                      A LIVING GRAVE

Is it my mind frame/

or the capitalistic game/

that has me chasing fame/

from a broken soul train/

It's like running up hill/

On ice, slip it's down hill/

desparation, and false desires/

have me wired/

To the America dream/

a nice crib and Ice cream/

College education and visions/

my ignornace keeps it hidden/

Cause they see brown/

they want me down/

embetted in me/

the losing concept/


                    A living grave is where I'm Kept

                           A living Grave

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Come away,

    As Tomorrow,

We may forget,

    And You alone,

                               Shall Remember.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The very uncertainty that many try and resolve: The Future.

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Going somewhere,

but not knowing where you're going.

Seeing a light,

but not knowing what is there.

Wandering just wandering.

You don't know why you are going.

You don't care why.

ll you know is you feel peace

at the light.

The light gives you warmth,hope, and peace.

That is where you should go.

Then why do you go the other way?

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Liquid Assets

Saw two pennies o'erlapped under pond

under fish undertow

Like all the riches under vaults

the papacy drowned in time

We reap from this the memory

of struggle creating

Formless meaning as the bottom-line

and reason flee the inquisition

Our esteemed leaders are re-written

where they were once base

Now so lauded in song we dance and

praise unleashed bloodshed

Took two pennies one for each of love's

eyes and counted them twice

Forests breathe in and ount and in time

are clouded and cut out

The fish are swimming upstream the

thin rocks aren't telling them

Upstream isn't any more the dam makers

have put in their two pennies worth

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New Years Journey

The walk takes thirteen days

Through December mountains

To a resting place

Away from one's fellow man

A commanding view

Of the millenial sunset

A hilltop for eternity

The world explodes

A shocking moment for mankind

On our mountains

We're too busy living to notice

The walk takes thirteen days

After January madness

To a meeting place

A gathering under firelight

Singing songs of history

Until another millenial sunrise

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