"Hurry and Wait"

"Hurry and Wait"

They will be the first ones to tell you,
This is all justified,
But how can you put numbers on us,
And justify the homicide,

Spit on the face of humanity,
You turn us into your killing machines,
Beat down the already broken,
To live out your own dreams,

The media tells us what to think,
But thats not what I have seen,
My clothes are stained with innocent blood,
While your suits are drycleaned,

Havent You learned from history?,
The king will eventually fall,
And all your faithful subjects,
Will put YOU against the wall

The lies from the podium,
Exposed the cracks in your cause,
Forced into the Babylon sand,
To fight a war that is already lost.....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Cant believe I found this one, thought I had lost it for good...

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