"Hurry and Wait"

"Hurry and Wait"

They will be the first ones to tell you,
This is all justified,
But how can you put numbers on us,
And justify the homicide,

Spit on the face of humanity,
You turn us into your killing machines,
Beat down the already broken,
To live out your own dreams,

The media tells us what to think,
But thats not what I have seen,
My clothes are stained with innocent blood,
While your suits are drycleaned,

Havent You learned from history?,
The king will eventually fall,
And all your faithful subjects,
Will put YOU against the wall

The lies from the podium,
Exposed the cracks in your cause,
Forced into the Babylon sand,
To fight a war that is already lost.....

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Cant believe I found this one, thought I had lost it for good...

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TV flashes on.
An aged newsman sits behind an oak desk with images of fire and contempt blinking behind him. People in the street, fists raised and faces covered. Blind anger built on blind knowledge. Furious at the system that’s been instilled and followed by none other than themselves.
A Molotov cocktail cracks on a police car. A news van crashes onto its side. Rapture jumps on the van’s passenger window. The glass shatters and blood is bled. The man cries agony and blames anything but himself.
Young field reporter stating it’s senseless, reckless, and anything but justifiable. Notwithstanding the bottling up of oppression over years from profit hungry animals. Insurrectionary joy has surged through the people like a sudden pulse of energy.
The media quells the uprising. “It’s just a few pranksters. Go to sleep. You’re safe in your homes.”

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Stop It

Stop it

Stop it don’t ruin our fun
Stop this nonsense little one
Stop it don’t act like that
Stop this annoyance you have begun
Stop it right now, because you’re no fun

Stop it don’t tell no one
Stop that kid, he’s on the run
Stop it don’t be like this
Stop that stupidness he has begun
Stop it right now, or face our one

Stop it don’t share your thoughts
Stop him, his lies now spread
Stop it don’t campaign like this
Stop his revolution, it has now begun
Stop it right now, because your thoughts are dumb

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©Travis Whitacre Tue 1/31/2012 9:05 PM

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Fuck Criminals of Wall Street

"The rich will do anything for the poor but get off their backs."
--Karl Marx (1818-1883)

Fuck criminals on Wall Street,
Who hoard their wealth each day,
While others work long hours
For next-to-nothing pay--
If this is opportunity,
Then fuck the USA.

Fuck bankers and investors,
Who gamble every day
With others' hard-earned savings,
Then give themselves a raise
From government bailouts
And corporate giveaways--
If this is opportunity,
Then fuck the USA.

Fuck all the corporations,
Who move their jobs away
To poor Third World countries,
Where a worker’s hourly pay
Is just under a dollar--
Well, hip-fucking-hooray--
If this is opportunity,
Then fuck the USA.

Fuck all the politicians,
That have been bought today
By Pfizer, AstraZeneca,
AIG and Fannie Mae,
By Microsoft and Apple,
By Berkshire Hathaway,
By Chevron, Exxon Mobil,
By Kaiser and GE,
Fuck all the politicians,
Who sold democracy.

So let the revolution
Ring loudly today
Right here in America,
In France and the UK,
In Germany and Italy,
In Egypt and Japan,
In Ireland, Australia,
In Canada and Spain,
In Russia and China,
In Haiti and Iraq--
Let's tell the corporations
That we don't give a fuck
For all their fucking money
And all their fucking wars,
For all their greed and profits,
And their lust for more.

So let the people rise up
And tell them "NO MORE!"--
Until they all just choke
On all their fucking wars,
On all their fucking money,
On all their fucking greed--
Because this world has plenty
Of everything we need.

October 17, 2011

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This is Ahhh revolution in music that's what ur ears are hearing ; never fearing da words that come so close & near & ; im entwined with da shrine thats heavily enriched in my mind ; graphic designs twist ; fuse ; & combine with da everlasting beat thay comes from my heart line ; & da beat goes on & never fades away ; feeding my thought processs & shaking my vertebrae ; i say shaking my vertebrae ; i say shaking my vertebrae ; I say ... my words are miracle visuals ; criminals of the typical lyrical syllables ; blind from the visible pinnacles that the pitifuls set ; I'm da principle u nuttin but a substitute pet ; & I'm tired of these immature haters with there fake double layers portrayin who they really are ; wen they nuttin but some failures ; while I'm building up my paper I see it's building up they're anger ; & it's jus pathetic in there nature ; cuz that type of shit can break y'all ; losers with a couple degrees y'all jus some major fakers ; not even worth my time to spit a decent line when I can school these niqqas in a nursery rhyme ; cuz listen ; twinkle twinkle ; ur mom was smoking my cigar ; type bazaar going far while she gazed up to a star ; u need to understand how small u really are ; ur an average key niqqa ; Getting schooled by a space bar ; & I can keep going but this shit would be way to long ; but come at me again & I'll turn ur existence into a sing along.


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Generation lost


For the murderers of innocence there will be justice served
for the evil politicians there will a change of power
for those who do not listen to the voices of the past
there will be a day when their forgotten words will be loud and clear
for this generation there will be time to stand up and fight
or sit down and be conquered and for all things the time will come.

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They call them revolutions because they revolve
although over time they seem to have evolved
From hunting aristocrats with the guillotine
to oil slicks and that black golden sheen

See people are interesting they can bend and sway
You might be fooled into thinking it will stay that way
but if you push an inch to far then they will explode
and there's no reset button, no chance to reload

Now i am not a qualified psychologist
was never a behavioural scientist

But i dont need that to know how poeple think.

Treat citizens like dirt and they will rise up
push past the limit when they've had enough
Even dictators have rules to adhere to
you can't forever take from the many to give to the few
So while most of the time i am a pacifist
This is an exception im happy to list

I can't do it for you im not one of the opressed
You need to want it, its your balance to redress
So i say rise up, throw off those chains
its the only way you'll ever be free again

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Hell Train

Satanic Serenades

A demon's eye pierces through the fog

A distant horn resounds through the night

Thunder rumbles upon The Black Earth

Nine vibrations through the air

That haunting feeling returns again...

Belial Line 666 appears between twelve and dawn

Hellmouth steams on the railroad to Hades

Running on brimstone & fire

Serpentine metal & iron quakes

Smoke rises to the sky like incense on the coals

All aboard the Hell Train!

Takes you where you want to go

Just make your pact, your ticket to sin

Enjoy the ride of your life!

Pistons pumping, sparks are jumping

Speaks with every turn:

"...Every revolution brings an evolution..." (9x)

(Are you the) Passenger, Conductor, observing from above

Waiting at a station, or laying down the tracks

Lanterns flicker lowly, there's no turning back!

Across the land, through darkened tunnels

Like portals through shadowy worlds inside

Bridges expand to the left and the right

Joins the two into one!

Through the trapezoidal gate

Awaiting within, pleasure or pain!

Depends on who is driving this train

Destination life or death!

All aboard the Hell Train!

Takes you where you want to go

Just make your pact, your ticket to sin

Enjoy the ride of your life!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by the evocative contemplation of Travel Town Museum, and the claxon occasionally heard in the distance at Satan's Hollow.

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Sophie's garden.

A white rose flowered, but briefly,

in the wasted years of ash and iron.

Though six buds fell to the hungry blade,

they refused to fade and rot in shade,

the light of hope shone on.

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