Digital Industrial

Hammer to the bone,

Pain to make the heart beat slow.

There’s diamonds in the water,

Drinking sorrow with a bittersweet grin:

There’s so much effort put into hate.


Tomorrow rests on a hazy sunrise,

What is to become of resurrected, buried lies?

We sewed our eyelids to the warning,

Forgetting the echoes of careless whispers,

Withdrawing into a false sense of security.


Break the cycle,

Burn the trail,

Systematic slave on labour’s golden wheel;

Giving heart to a brainless machine,

Apathetic and lethargic:

Not programmed for reality.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's a revolution

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ooh you're good

ooh you're good

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Revolution Means One Turn

One powerful line, then another more powerful line - walking the edges of surreal - grounded in the mech/tech age where flesh is crucified - which is then followed by a powerful ending - I love your writing - it talks to the way I used to think ~~A~~