The one named beloved

The one named beloved,

Is one adored by all

Though never loved by the one it loves,

Difficult to explain but is one

That gives their whole heart and soul to the one it adores

She wants more that it has

When she can't have her wishes

She falls in little pieces

This person named beloved is closer than you think

This person is me

Now turn around to see

And tell me if you believe

In someone like me

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Porcelain Shatters

She paints her face like a porcelain doll
Goes out to the world and fools them all

If scars could tell the world her story
Her mind would be a novel series

But the chronicles are locked away
Along with her true identity

For how long can she dam the river
Tearing desperately at her eyes?
How long till the razor persuades her
To end the pain, let her veins run dry?

She's worn the mask for so very long
She's forgotten that she's beautiful

She's mortified to take down her front
But now time has passed and time has come

The walls come tumbling and the earth shakes
Hesitantly, she looks at her face

Big blue eyes that hide behind long hair
The girl smiles at her from the mirror

She stares at a stranger in the glass,
Her new best friend, she'll never go back



Author's Notes/Comments: 

For both Evelynn and my Raven

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Why must you torture me,

and tell me this isnt the end.

i know more than you think i know,

because of all the messages you send

You still tell me you love me,

but it just doesnt seem real.

things arent the way they used to be,

i wish they could be still

The first time i met you

i thought it was love at first sight,

everyone said it would never last,

and i am starting to think they are right

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America Land Of The Free
but land of free what
free sexual diseases
free drug addictions
free crimes

America Land Of The Free
but land of free what
free lies
free raping
free wars

America Land Of The Free
but land of free what
free porn
free pedos
free runaways

America Land Of The Free
but land of free what
free poverty
free ghettos
free pain

America Land Of The Free
but land of free what
free sorrow
free silence
free cover-ups

America Land Of The Free
but land of free what
free divide and conquer
free teaching of hatred
free religions filled with lies

America Land Of The Free
but land of free what
thank Creator the younger ones
aren't buying the lies
watch their eyes

Copyright 2005 - 20015 © Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Anahuac now called America until the name is changed back to its rightful name there shall be no peace on this land!

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The Ancestors Calling

1542 began the enslavement of our people
once a proud and mighty nation Anahuac
Nican Tlaca, Indigenous People
Not Latino, not Hispanic
those terms are for Europeans

The Ancestors are Calling
their spirits guiding
the revolution at present
our land Anahuac shall be ours once more
the borders open and all Mexica free

Europeans should know
your time is ending soon
your time of murder, lies and theft
is ending and almost over
your enslavement is coming to an end

We Nican Tlaca of Anahuac shall push
you shall be moved back to your land
you have no right on our land
"El Salvador"
"Costa Rica"
and "the United States"
all Anahuac and ours

We the Nican Tlaca people
of Anahuac bid you and your lies far well
go home back to europe where you belong
shame on you and your ancestors for
you crimes of murder, lies and theft
shame on you for your monstrous ways

Even mother earth is fighting you
her mighty storms and fire are fighting
you can not win against mother earth
she is tired of you raping her
we are tired of you raping her
we are tired of you raping the Nican Tlaca people

Time is no longer on your side
our people are waking up
we are being educated
we are the SUPERIOR race
that is why you fight so hard to kill us off
but your plan has lasted only a moment
in the Creators eyes
your moment is up

The Ancestors Calling
the blood on fire
you can't change the truth
our people are getting off of their knees
waking up and being educated
take your false gods and go back home
home to your homeland europe

The Ancestors Calling
Nican Tlaca
Indigenous People
Anahuac Nation

Copyright 2005 - 2016©Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A time of truth, of education, of love!

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Where Are All My Warriors

Where are my hero's
my strong warrior's
the men who stand for honor
who will die for TRUTH


Where have you all gone
to the bottle perhaps
perhaps to some false god
that white powder


Or maybe you're confined
enjoying your three hots and a cot
or worse yet killing off our seed
banging, throwing up old slave
mastar signs, with the droopy pants
like pot bellied slave mastars'


Where are the REAL men
the seeds of Abraham
the warriors who protected the women
the children and the elderly


Perhaps floating on some dream
thinking you'll be the NEXT
All-Star, bringing in millions
those millions that plant the seed
the seed of greed and destruction


Where are my warriors
Stronger then a bull
yet gentle as a summer breeze
Passionate as Zapata
Humble as Buddha


Where are my warriors
perhaps fighting in Bush's insane war
dieing on a senseless battle field
a battle field of lies and deceit


Where are our strong men
perhaps enjoying the false pleasures of
another man's arms falling into
a EURO culture of divide and conquer
destroy the pro-creation of our kind!


I have just one question
my beloved, my soul, mi corazon, my son
Whom shall protect the daughters
the women, the sisters
while you're feasting upon
your lies?


Copyrights  2005 - 2016©Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This one is for all our beautiful brown men. Stand up mijos, stand up and wake up mi hermanos as Creation is calling!

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No More Slave Name

Chicahua Necahual
Nican Tlaca
not a slave
free the mind
the body will follow

Educate the mind
the soul will soar
break the bonds
bonds of slavery
slave names

Hispanic names
Latino names
slave names

The Anahuac Nation
Nican Tlaca
People Of the Corn
Central American
Native American
First Nation
One Race
One Heart
One Blood
One Nation

European minded
stay quiet
sit down
go home
the struggle
the fight
the battle
will be won

No more slave name
Chicahuac Necahuatl
no more slave shame
Chicahuac Necahuatl

Copyrights 2006-2016 © Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

An awakening of my true identity and freeing myself from the enslavement of the European-Spaniard mind set and genocide of our beautiful people.

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Time For A Revolution

It's that time people
time for a revolution
time for a change
things need rearrange
Out with the old
in with the new
out with the lies
in with the truth
It's that time people
time for a revolution
time to go back in time
a time of innocence
Out with hatred
in with true love
out with stupidity
in with intelligence
It's that time people
time for a revolution
time for people to unite
get ready for the fight
Out with corrupt government
in with real world leaders
out with false laws
in with true justice
It's that time people
time for a revolution
time to open up our minds
wake up and truly see
Out with material things
in with a real sense of worth
out with bling bling
in with sharing and caring
It's that time people
time for a revolution
time for gangs to stop
dope dealers quit killing
Out with violence
in with love
out with get over mentality
in with education
It's that time people
time for a revolution
time to bring back culture
"It takes a whole tribe to raise a child!"
It's that time people
time for a revolution
time for a change
things need rearrange...
Copyright 2006-2016©Chicahuac Necahuatl

Author's Notes/Comments: 

There is a drastic need for change in our world. Religions and the present Governments are sadly failing us. We as a people must make a change.

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Old Soul

I was born aware of my losses

I was born aware of my crosses.

I missed so much, but they are still in remembrance of my serenity.

So just lay inside of my head, with me...

I'll show you everything

I've worried since I was a child,

of what my losses could be

my mother dying

my father leaving

I wont compete with you everyday

in every possible way

Take my word, I know what I'm talking about

I'm an old soul.

I was born old.

I have worries

That no others could imagine or possibly even see

If you just walked away

What could I really say

Would it matter anyway?

You'd think I was strange.

I'm a mess, that you treat

I'm the dream, you cannot sleep.

...Don't think I'm wierd because I know what you dont

Don't think I'm wierd because I'll always know what you wont.

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