Congratulations Bangladesh Cricket Team!

I feel proud to be a Bangladeshi,

Yes I do feel proud to be a Bangladeshi,

In overwhelming ecstasy is the whole nation,

The ‘tigers’ have defeated England working in unison.


For the first time in the ICC World Cup history,

Bangladesh has reached quarter-finals ultimately,

The entire world is astonished to see,

How the players have earned victory.


All I can say is- go on ‘the tigers’,

Bring the World Cup home; make it ours!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Today Bangladesh cricket team has defeated England in the ICC World Cup 2015 and qualified for the quarter-finals. In the 4th line, 'tigers' means the players. Notably, the Royal Bengal tiger is the national animal in Bangladesh and the players have played like the tigers today with boldness, confidence and zeal. :)

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