Still love again


I mean.

Once in awhile.

Now and then.

I wish that I could-

Wash away the days

and the years.

I knew it was a riot.

I'd like to see the sunlight-

Creep slowly down your face.



It frightens me to admit.

My love was never made in vain.

Despite your change in faith.

I hope you'd still love-

Once more.


It's hard to be the one-

To say goodbye.

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Down Pour

Although I'm far gone.

Seas away.

You're my savior now.


I'd love to be in your arms right now.

I want to feel the night, the noon, the day.

Could never touch someone.

A thousand miles away.

I'd keep you here.

Standing in this down pour.

I'll hold your hand-

Slowly feeding the flame.

Breathe you in. 

Consuming your vibe-

You soak in. 




Blood...will never ravage my lands and steal my freedom!

Only evil minds using espionage, hiding the plot...

Making money off of human lives....


Mankind needs to be

on the same level.

Every country needs enough money.


Money isn't the answer to the trick!

It's peace and love and arithmetic. 

We've been blinded by these man-made rules for hundreds of years...

waiting in fear.

Now thousands of years of minds being bred for death,

fighting and killing for what they believe in...

Won't be changed in one night.

Can you hear the echoes from the afterlife??


Mankind needs to be

on the same level.

Every country needs enough money...

Lets end this war...

Once and for all.

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December Sky

When the bitter December air blows and the girl

screams on the street corner, a Christmas list of dreams and demands

in her unrelenting grip, a bit homesick, though she is young,

wishing her poppa hadn't drifted so far

from who he was when she was born.


When at school the boy had day dreamed of staying home

and keeping the door closed--

now amidst his mother's disillusioned cries to be understood

and the solace of the radio in his room,

he imagines himself singing "Blue Christmas" like Elvis

and impressing all the kids at school.


When the young woman pulls a tray of chocolate chip cookies

from the oven and turns on the television,

wishing there was someone there to share them

and so she opens the window and smells the night,

the snow approaching with the wind from beyond the moonlight.


And the young man strikes the guitar strings with fingers

cold to the bone, a tragic tale sung in every note

but his heart beats warmly and echoes up the street

along the cool walls of every home

in search of something kind


underneath the December sky.  

Dream Girl

I wonder what it would feel like,

with a lover's heart beating against mine,

the natural sweetness of the oils in her hair,

her hand, perhaps with one scar or another

and chipped nail paint--touching my cheek,

and her breath alive and endearing

with warm air, petite lungs breathing easily,

and maybe with a reflexive glance upward to me

flashing brilliantly beautiful

in a brief moment of thoughtlessness where the reality is

she's surrendered her very being

without intending to and without regret,

for she feels safe enough not to hold her heart

in her own hands, and I safe enough

to let her hold mine, and I tell her

that I've known no greater joy than to give her

everything I am.


It must be so much more beautiful

than wrapping my fingers around the hand of a fantasy,

which in my desperate grip crumples

like the paper on which I drafted


her every perfect detail.

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My father's hunting passion (guns)


It has been a while since the last time I saw them, but my dad has them all in a safe. From rifles to handguns, my father has had a lot of guns since I was a kid. He became a hunter before my parents got married, 20 years ago. Hunting season lasts from November to January every year and I always remember my mom telling me that my father went hunting even when I got born! My grandfather got so angry at him and scolded him. Since that year, he never goes hunting on my birthday. But after it, he goes every weekend! When the first hunting season weekend comes, he calls his friends to reach an agreement about the car they are going to travel in, he prepares his hunting clothes and, obviously, his beloved guns. Then at 5 am my mom makes him breakfast and he leaves. Sometimes he hunts, sometimes he doesn’t, but he always comes home with a big smile because hunting is his passion. I remember 2010, when traveling at night or very early became dangerous. He missed an entire hunting season. And let me tell you that hunting to my father is like Christmas to a kid! It’s that one thing that he is really looking forward to since February. So, imagine a kid having no Christmas! Although he was sad, he didn’t lose hope. He waited patiently to the next year and he brought a big deer to the house. He used to take us hunting with him too. Well, first he would take us to a shooting range to practice, with handguns and bow and arrow. Then, my sisters and I were there with him just waiting and being quiet in order to not scare the animals, but also very alert in case you see an animal. Then we would help him with the gutting, the storing and the cleaning. But now that we have grown up, we are lazy and we don’t go with him to hunt anymore, but I still like to practice my shooting. I think my father is a really good hunter. Besides his experience and that he always scores in the target, he is very patient and persistent (he waits 4 hours sitting down quietly) Patience is a quality I don’t have but I am trying to learn from him. Actually he is already preparing everything for this year so let’s see how this season turns out.


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Years later

First time

Years later

Went beyond the kiss left wondering 

Found waterfalls 



First time

Years later

Our skin heaving 

Our bodies breathing 

He's deep

She's screaming 











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Shivers in the Night

He lays her down

Belly up

Unties her breasts

Cuffs her hands

Fastens his body 

Unto her

Climbs inside


Hearts entwined 

Latched tight

Shivers in the night 

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I love you

I can't help but to love you

Even with how the circumstances stand

I've decided I'll never leave you

Together we'll be hand in hand

I can't help but to have these feelings

That are oh so passionately true

Because the more we make love

The more I'm so into you

Not only do I want you as my husband

I'm praying you'll remain my best friend

Because when I first met you

You automatically made my heart mend

You gave me this comfort I never felt before

This comfort that I soon came to adore

You're like this addiction that I've become prone to

Nothing or no one compares to you

So remember this next time we're apart

I loved you and only you right from the very start