Frightful Struggle

Lack there of
But this poem comes first
Words of mine take priority over theirs
I deny conforming
I lose my passion
While they gain their pay checks
My counselor tells me I should speak to them
Tell them that my father lost his job
Tell them that our health insurance has been snatched out of our hands
Tell them that I've gone back to a job I love
For reasons I hate
Tell them that I didn't just become 20 on my birthday this year
I became an adult
I became responsible
I became the last hope
High school diploma
Bachelor’s degree
Processing, expect delays ahead
Master’s degree
Heavy turbulence, estimated arrival time
Not available
As I formulate these words and my thought process calms
I get jumbled
It’s not a moment of ADD
It’s not the hormones jumping around my brain
Like sperm sensing a vagina is near
Jumbled thoughts in the sense that I’m
Yesterday seems so far away
But yesterday I wasn't a kid
Today I dissipate into the swarm of students
And workers
And somebody's
Slithering onto the bus
That will charter me to a future that I did not plan
Tonight I will slink into my bed
Hugging the bear I've had since I was too old for Barney
Curling into the cold, empty, paper thin sheets
Feel my pulse slowing as I enter sleep
I will dream of the dark times
I only ever think of
That never really happen
Until they actually do
What you choose to see of me
Depends on what you’re looking for
If you open my soul
And take a peek inside
You will be blinded by light
I could joke and tell you that it’s filled with rainbows and unicorns
That’s what I’d say to my friends
That’s how they know me
But really
This light is my guide
And without it
I don’t know my purpose
Yet even though I know where it is
I don’t always know
My purpose
If I’m helping my parents pay the bills
If I've aged myself purposely while the rest of you are trying to look younger
If I’m sacrificing my grades in classes that should matter more than anything to me
Then really
What is my purpose?
Lack there of
This poem comes first
These words take precedence
I dream of the day I’ll sit in the front of my class
And be able to say “my students”
But I shake my head
Because I’m not ready
I can’t practice what I preach
I’m morphing into a woman who needs guidance in getting her predicaments into an order that tells her which one comes first and second and third and fourth and fifth
Baby steps
An adult body
An adult brain
A baby comprehension
A massive jolt of caffeine cannot even
Cannot even solve what I must complete
If at first you don’t succeed
Yeah, you know, you try, try again
But until when?

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Whispers upon a morning breeze.

Whispers upon a morning breeze
gently caress the awakening flowers
and rustling leave's on the flourish trees
just like a lovers warm soft tender touch
now just warm smouldering embers
from a night love making and passion
between two kindred lovers
who discovered
the true meaning
of beauty and sancety
of true sacred
eternal love.

Peter Dome. copyright. 2012.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Warm thoughts on a cold day.

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On The Bed of Crimson Roses

I smell the fragrance of love
On the bed of crimson roses
Memories of thee beguiles me
And million emotions my heart encloses

Those eternal love-filled hours
Feel yet to be so few
Oh Love Rush down my core
As this heart concocts the brew

Silent I lay beside you, all cuddled up
That drives me to the golden shore
Seeing through my inward eye, I become
Nostalgic to the days of yore

Only Her

Her eyes pierced me with light ablaze
Vivid emotions boil over
As my will falls upon such gaze,
I know that i must have her
To reach across and touch soft skin
Face gentle and smooth to touch
Such emotions are enticed within
Heart leaping from my clutch
My pulsing heart in her hands
So vulnerable has she left me
But i trust how only a lover can
For life without love is nothing

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My partner inspired this.


Slam my resolve against the door
As my restraint flees back home
Brace my lust and ignite this inferno
Push me against your restless fever
It's slipping, fast, hard, raging


I'm losing control


Lace my mouth with deception
Bite my lips and harass my intention
Shove my anger and make me insane


I'm losing control


Pushing back and clawing away
This inner demon pulsating my name
Screaming under my skin
Rushing and crushing, I can't stay hidden


I'm losing all control


Falling under your crushing weight
Rolling my passion over the pain
This love isn't a gentle caress
It's a beating that I enjoy

My mischief challenges for more
Behind me, your pushing forward
Forcing submission of my soul


I'm losing control...
I'm losing control.
I've lost all control!


Screaming release it has taken over
It melts all my desire to keep my hold
Anger bursts at your laughter
This battle I lost and I can't master


Shoving me away from a gentle dove
Dragging me down from above
Tearing in half at this complication
Between love and passion
Which shall I take?


I need control

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Inspired by a rap song I was shamelessly listening to xD

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To the Arms of My First Love

2010-2012 Poems

It feels like my soul is REUNIFIED with my body.
It’s like - “THIS IS IT!”
It’s like coming home…to somewhere I’ve always known
But haven’t really been.

I could write tons of words…poetry!
Of why it should be,
Why it must be,
Why not? I’m so excited, Destiny!

But for now, this I know:
Since I was 7…It was a subtle call.
A wink, I turned my back but you are feisty.
I took the first step. I took it slow.
But all roads lead to where I should be…

Now I see you, and you’re hollering at me!
Sweet call to infinite passion of creativity.
I am coming right at you…my first love…

Author's Notes/Comments: 

(c)jerlin -23Aug2012 - My love for photography. :)

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Flaming Memories

Replace my cool soft pillow
With the warmth of your solid chest.
Fill the overwhelming silence that consumes my ears
With the rythm of you heart.
Wrap my body in your strong yet gentle embrace.
Nothing but sweat seperates our beings.
Even the most skillful DNA Analyst would have difficulty
Seperating our particals.
The release of your breath
Becoming the inhale of mine
Welcoming each one
As if the very being of my existence depended on you.
Body motion in unison to the beat building within like a crescendo
Climaxing with symbols crashing
Fire still blazing
Flames growing inwardly.
Fan towards the leak
And we both will explode.
Won't be consumed by the fire
Body activated extinguishers release once the temperature is just right
Saturation suffocates the inferno
Putting it out with ease.
Not a flame left in sight.
Only evidence is steam arising from moist hot flesh.
No words are spoken.
There are none to be said.
The memory should live
Only inside our heads,
The only reminder that will remain
Is in the moment our eyes meet
And our minds dance again
To a silent beat.

A Soft Touch

Soft as spring petals, on flowers gifted to you,
a lover's caress beneath satin covered down
Embraced in arm's comforts, kin to pillow's fold,
touches stir, with whisk upon your silken gown

Contours defined, in sheerness of garment's drape,
traces your beauty in the room's tapered light
Succumbed to allure, from tempt of arousing view,
placement of every passion's kiss, prevails the night

Taste of rapture's wine, seeps onto my lips;
a pleasure defined by all devotions shared
An ambiance of bliss, created by our hearts,
with sweepings from my touch, never spared

Soft as spring petals, on flowers gifted to you,
comforts are found nestled to your breast
All promptings calmed, by delightful bliss,
held in loving arms, comes night's peaceful rest

© C.E. Vance

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What a beautiful one world!
Like a silvery shadow falling through the tiny light
Like a smart slim smile aweing from face of the night
A beautiful eyes blinking like christmas strobes
From smooth face that expresses like violetrobe

I see a winkling eyes enchant my wilt
When the night ducks like cliffing beach writ
As the scarlet mountain crest the hooking valley
Then the motivated heart sets like spacious barley

I can't doubt your wailing wound
That encoils my gracious hound
There's movate ray that suits my buddy
That settling out through your bountiful day

I can feel a barbados's smell from your nostril
Through the biunty dam of my cereal's reel
Your simple step widens my sunny sand
From that tiny space comes through your heartsted

You are the Diana only one living
In the heart of world's dudes,staying
All monday of the weeks
From the wick of my weak
To that wake through ache

Author's Notes/Comments: 

True love cares for all seasons while deceits care only for a ripe one

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