The Lover's Journey


She moved her way across the room, 
seductively catching his eye. 
He watched her, as she approached, 
gaze trained to her short-skirted thigh.


Although they'd been together, 
only the night before,
each time that they would meet again, 
they wanted each other more.


He embraced her in his arms, 
and kissed her silky lips. 
Pulling her closer to him, 
his hands upon her hips. 


Then slowly they undressed, 
and moved across the floor. 
Descending upon the bed, 
their fevers burning more. 


They both began the exploration, 
as lovers always do. 
But this journey was all their own, 
each other, they well knew. 


He teased her with his mouth, 
until she cried out loud. 
That he could bring her such pleasure, 
left him feeling manly and proud. 


When she returned the favor, 
all of him was lost. 
They joined their bodies as one, 
as upon the bed they tossed. 


They rode the waves of passion's thunder, 
that their ecstasy did create. 
When they reached that peak together, 
it always sealed their fate.


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Riding Freedom



Bare legs wrapped around pure
muscled and sinewy brawn,
both our long black manes,
flying loose in the breezes,
unfettered by ties.


Arms tightly wound around
the sleek neck of my wild mustang,
I clung in desperation,
afraid to loose the freedom I'd found,
afraid to let go of my dreams.


As one we rode, 
hard across a canyon, vast
the only sound, the mingling 
of both heartbeats and hooves,
pounding in sync.


Tears of delight-
and tears of liberation,
mixed with the perspirations
of the run.


My body screamed with exhileration,
my soul danced, in uninhibited flight
and my mind erased everything,
so only this time was recorded
so only 'this' time mattered.


The awesome and mighty power
of my steed below me,
radiated through my being,
giving me the strength and resolution
I had never before known.


We rode all the day
and into the night,
until we both were spent from the journey
and under the glow of the full moon,
we slept,
my head, pillowed upon his flank.

Feelings of inexplicable change

Emotions change..

From the yearning hunger of passion's lust

To the deafening crack of ferocious thunder 

The silent act of collecting dust 

The pain of hearts once cleft asunder

"Alas! No longer!

Must I endure such wonders and conundra? 



Author's Notes/Comments: 

My first ever poem, what do you think? It was really fun to write.

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In My Prime Time



This aging thing...


    I don't fear it.

    I don't stress it.

    I don't 'plasticize' it

    Or over-moisturize it.


    For it is what it is-aging.


In fact,

 I embrace it.

  Pull it close...closer,

   Like a bare sinewy chest

    Pressed tightly to mine.


     For me,

you see...

      A woman of my years,

       48 isn't fatal...

         It's downright fun.


Its my prime time.

It's a reawakening of senses

      Of sensuality

      Of insatiable desires

I thought long dead with the past.


But no......


Ohhhh no.......

They are very much, so very much

Alive and  needing.


For after too many years

In a deadened state of being





...I walked proudly away

With a high-held head

And the desire to find love

A desire to be





For there is no way

I will ever again

     Settle for


Or miss out on this-

The most




and exciting phase

Of my womanhood-


-My prime time


To be loved

           And to love.




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He Touches Me

This Love


Without even laying a hand upon my

longing flesh,

   He touches me-

With his soul-searching eyes,

   He penetrates,

deeply, fully,

into the depths of my soul.


With a simple smile,

aimed my way

across a room,

His lips trail a blazing path

from right upon my lips...

     all the way, there.


And when he does-

    Touch me-

He touches me

Like I've never been touched.

    Loves me-

Like I've never been loved.

            And I'll never be the same.

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Fashion Of Love


My whole life all I wanted

Was a love like Juliet and Romeo

Now that I'm older

I don't want to die for my love, oh no


I'd rather have a love like

Gomez and Morticia, to have such a passion

And shear ferocity

that kind of love doesn't go out of fashion



Written on


May 5, 2014

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was written off the top of my head. Thank goodness for Facebook and its cute posts that gave me the inspiration for this one.

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Artistically Moved



My palette is many.

The stroke of a brush,

A pencil,

The tongue…


No matter how I show you,

My experiences speak on their own.

They display my emotions,

My thoughts,


And everything in my being.

Everything that I am

Can be shown in numerous ways.

Artistically inclined, you ask?


I feel that I’m artistically moved.

I am moved through different mediums,

Different forces.

Whether it be a canvas,


In a journal,

Or lyrics in a song…another language…

I show you who I am and what I feel.

Asfor me, my experiences speak for me

And my hands have no control,

But to display the inner depths of my thoughts,

Interpretations, and feeligns. 

Whether it be through words or images.

They come out the way they see fit.

Artistically moved I speak.

Artistically moved I sing.

Artistically moved I paint,

I draw

I write

I express



April 7, 2014


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm an artist. I create many things through many different kinds of medias. I say medium because I feel they are different forces that display themselves artistically. Yes, I love what I do, and I'll never stop doing it. 

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The Gypsy Side Of Me

Soul Poetry


I have a nomad, vagabond spirit,

And a silver strewn gypsy soul.

I'm finally ready to finally flee,

Finally ready, to finally go.


Caged overly, much too long,

Behind tainted and shattered glass,

I've gotten strong and broken out,

Away from that hurtful, painful past.


Now I'll just wander all around,

Without even much of a care,

But never, ever, ever in time,

Will I ever, go back to there.


I'll find my own beautiful path,

Then even blaze a few dozen more,

I'll tie purple silks, all up in my hair,

As on gauzy wings, I now shall soar.


See, its not that I'm such a rebel,

Just seeking all, I wasn't allowed to be.

I'm on a journey of new life and living,

With this yearning, gypsy side, of me.






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X's and O's

When you were here, I felt distant 

And now that you're far away, I feel closer, it's different 

Many opportunities wasted by my past

I shot you down every time, for sex, you asked


I wanted to come over, be there all damn night 

But I couldn't give you my heart, my ex consumed my time

But now that I've burned away everything that belonged to her

I am feeling free, ready, willing, and my past is just a blur


I still can't say whether we would've worked out 

But I can say I would've tried my best, no doubt!

I would've spend these dark ages building, making you a fire

And if I couldn't make flames, I would use my body to keep you warm, fulfilling your every desire 


Maybe every word I'm saying now is hurting you 

Maybe every thing I'm saying is destroying you

But I can't help it, my pen keeps writing on these pages

And my heart keeps wanting to know about you, keep me updated 


I'm sorry I couldn't love you when you were here

But it wasn't entirely my fault, my mind was filled with fear

I had just been broken by a girl who said "all the right words"

And me, a gullible fuck, believed every syllable and was left hurt 


So understand me when I say that you are not to blame

People fear, laugh, cry but only a few change

And that's me, This is a new beginning 

I wish you all the best and I hope you start off better than it ended with me 





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