No more chances

I believe in what I see
You can't change my mind
With your unconventional stories
Stop trying to change the look
You can't make up your own formalities

Think before you speak
Or make up a better speech
Remember what you want to say
It's addicting as you become portrayed

I'm not looking for a hunt
I'm not a detective trying to figure out
Whether your right, wrong
Or out of doubt
I'm just here to make ends meet
Put me in happiness
Without the defeat
Avoiding all the hostility
Eliminating worthless speech

Close your mouth of all that fake
Not worth it in the end of this game
You wonder why your treated
With no respect
Girl...your not faking the world
Your faking yourself
We just stand around you
Laughing as you cry
Might as well take advantage
Like you did with all your worthless lies

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poker helps me see right through people :)

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