oh sweet and unforgiving darkness, 

how good you are to me

in all unspoken blasphemy, 

finding refuge when theres tragedy

with open eyes

cant see through your guise

a bittersweet demise

scorches my lies

with all my sin

seeping and pouring through the skin


for twas the witching hour

all who know this fear and cower

the chidren crying while theyre flying

in the darkness they are dying


humbug! believe not, there falter not 

see between the twilight or have you forgot

a soaring dawn or the euphoric nightfall

im enraptured, maybe ill be captured

but for now ill go to bed and sleep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

long time no see guys and gals 

Halloween XLIX A.S.

Seasons In Hell

Halloween brought The Devil's Rain...
Rejuvenation returns again
Petrichor cleansing black earth and mind
Lanterns flicker 'neath overcast skies
Hellfire dance on wicks behind carven eyes
Reflective of nightmares and dreams come alive

Haunt the land of eve eternal
Satan-Samhain from Hallow's Gate, rise infernal
Bestow the bounty of trick and of treat's surprise
A Cornucopia of Autumn delights

Cries of joy and fright
Echoed on through the night
'Neath the shadow of the Cthulhu tree
Tentacled roots creeping

Sorceries both great and small
A Demon bell, a Sabbath's call
A lightning flash, the spider's pall
The Keys are spoken by Magic thrall

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Halloween brought the first rain of the season, along with rejuvenating bone-chilling wind. King Diamond would play that night, and I wasn't about to miss it. Early in the evening, trick-or-treaters scampered by in the growing darkness as the hallow winds howled and whispered, hurrying by the Devil House.

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Halloween, 2014


As the river flows in the endless night,
The moon shines its reflection upon the stars,
Darkness hovers through the winds,
As the joy shivers down the spine.


A sound is heard,
But it is not forgotten,
It is heard in the wind through the sky,
As the sky changes color.


The breeze flows through the bones,
It cracks through the trees,
Until it reaches its destination,
When the leaves hit the ground.


Upon the sky there are clouds,
As the moon shines through them,
They reach the ground as fog rises,
To hear the howl of the wolves in distance.


Children dress in different styles,
Parents walk door to door,
Doors open to give treats away,
Cars zoom by in herds.


Jack-o-lanterns glow at night,
Skeletons shiver in the wind,
Witches fly high above,
Vampires hide in the day,
Wolves race through the woods,
And we await for the next full moon.


Happy Halloween!

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I Got A Rock

On Halloween I always get a rock everywhere I go.

I decided to retaliate by throwing their rocks through their windows.

I never even get one piece of candy, that really blows.

I'm so ignorant that I cut my costume full of holes.

I look absolutely ridiculous and dorky in this stinking sheet, I don't even look like a ghost.

I'm paying people back for their unkindness, especially Lucy because she deserves it the most.

Last week Lucy told me to kick the football but I kicked her in the head.

She told her father and he started choking me, I thought I was dead.

When he got through strangling me, I dropped two Cherry Bombs down his pants.

I blew off his privates and now when he wants to give his wife some loving, he can't.

When people used to do mean things to me, they would laugh.

But now they treat me with respect to avoid my terrible wrath.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem is a parody of the Peanuts Comic Strip.

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Oh! The Horror!!!!




                 Edward Iacona



It’s Halloween time once again and

There’s the question some parents fear.

As their children are may surely ask,

What shall I go as this year?


The standard fare of witches and Ghosts

Have become very cliché you know

And even vampires and zombies

Have movies or a T.V. show


One can’t go as a bum or hobo

That does not show them respect.

A fierce Indian is also taBOO.

It is now not politically correct.


A proper Halloween haunt takes a unique knack.

If one wants a sweet snack for their tummy

As even a little kid knows the plain fact

That no one will want their mummy.


Now going as a terrorist

Might be an idea that’s hot           

But, who would want to give one treats

And it might just get one shot.


A mysterious visitor from outer space

With a little odd twist because

Who would refuse an alien treats when

It’s holding a GREEN CARD in their claws.


So, if your child comes to you

With this annual costume question;

I will submit this rather simple idea

For a fine costume suggestion.


What is needed is a genuine monster

That is blood thirsty, ruthless and cruel.

A creature that is nasty and vicious

And has the morals of a true life ghoul.


Just put them in a nice dress or suit

With a briefcase to take on their journey

And they will comeback with it full of goodies

Going trick or treating as an attorney.


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Now I’m not necessarily complaining and I don’t want to be coy

But Halloween has changed a bit since I was a little boy.


Back then the candy bars were bigger and the costumes less complex

Today the candy comes in littler pieces and there’s quite a bit more sex.


We’d cut two eyes out of an old used sheet and voila- we were a ghost.

There was always a competition for candy- to see who got the most.


If there was a house on our street whose candy we thought was prime

We’d wait a few minutes, exchange costumes, then go back a second time.


When we got home we’d pour our candy out, we’d smell, we’d open and we’d lick

We’d eat until we were made to stop, or until we all got sick.


Yes, Halloween used to be about the children, it was a cherished holiday

But recently the adults of the world have taken it away.


Before the children stayed up late now they’re put to bed instead

Because Adult Halloween doesn’t get started until the kids are all in bed.


At an adult Halloween party as I’m sure you are aware

There’s beer and wine, very little candy and cleavage everywhere.


Sexy costumes are now the norm, much sexier than way back when

But have you noticed they’re only sexier for the women not the men?


For instance women have the Twerkin Teddy as worn by Miley on TV.

While the men are dressed like Willie from the show Duck Dynasty.


Men dress like Walter White from the series Breaking Bad

Women can also dress like Walter, but are much more scantily clad.


On a woman I’ve seen a sexy banana with the peeling falling down

While the man was a bruised banana that made him look just like a clown.


True a man can wear a patch and hat and be a pirate cutie,

But the women’s pirate (did they even have them?) seems to show a lot more to booty.


And the fox says let the lady give the sexy fox a whirl

While the man from the same video is in the costume of a squirrel


Yes if you stop to think about it I’m sure you’ll see just what I mean

The children are now secondary to the sex on Halloween.


So women, not to worry this Halloween, show your cleavage, have a beer

And think about the costume your daughter might wear next year…


Oh I’ll enjoy the costumes this year, it’s all part of my simple plan

To say Happy Halloween, pass out candy and be glad that I’m a man.




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One Night

The knight stood by

Awaiting for the signal

All was not well 

within the castle


Life had changed

With the passing of the sun

Day turned into night

The goblins were to come. 


The scepter had been thrown

Kings orders were in place

Do whatever to change 

The coarse without mistake


Position the gate keeper 

Ready the view of death

They were coming

Must stop the wrath


Everyone take a stance 

Prepare for the worst

The little monsters are coming

To take all the candy, of coarse. 


Author's Notes/Comments: 


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Black Cat's Meow




From graves they rise up in their flight,

They terrorize, injecting fright,

Upon our deepest doubts they feed,

No spell can break their desperate need, Their faint trajectory leaving horror, Beneath it all our minds will wander,

To ghastly realms that rule the night,

Into our psyche, they remove our sight, Until we scratch and claw our way, Confusion dominates disarray, Shuddering, as we hear the howl,

Our minds they twist, 

We scream and scowl,

Frantic, mesmerized and weak,

We struggle to survive,

Projected fears from deep inside, Consume our soul just to stay alive!! 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

..halloween.....it's not just about sweets. 

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Ghoulish Fantasy


Ghastly goblins,

Ghostly ghouls,

Darkness penetrates,


Wishes shattered, 

Empty dreams,

Their destiny awaits.




Locked within a rotted shell,

No mercy hears their plea,

They fantasize of something else,

And beg but no one sees.


And on the night of Hallow's Eve,

The reaper dressed in gloom

Will rap upon the door of fate,

With evidence near doom.


He'll spread the scrolls of eons past

That open up their eyes,

Unscrupulous,  revealing truth

And crush their shroud of lies.


Cause on this night,

"The Witch's Prom",

The other side of kind,

Creeps through the doors to summon

Goblins deep inside the mind,

Lurked too long,

The balls and chains,

But they're always half alive,

They've fed into the fantasies

Until this night arrives.


The fear will build uncertainty,

Locked in their grasp you'll shiver

Your blood runs cold under the thoughts,

Ghost fantasies deliver!!!







Author's Notes/Comments: 

Halloween! ! Inspired by a ghoul.:-)



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