The wind howls red




Fingers frozen, jacket tight, the merlot leaves taking flight

Foot steps long ,quick in pace, better hurry home, you are not alone

The wind howls red, the chill runs deep, you should be in bed, to Grandmas keep

The bramble cottage comes in sight, everyones sleeping, there is no light

You skip closer, just a little more, oblivious to the danger lurking beyond the door.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

H is for Hellfire, Jack O' Lantern's light
A is for Absinthe, sipped with delight
L is for Lucifer, gleaming with pride
L is for Lust, bonefires burn bright
O is for Occult, the dark of the mind
W is for Warlock & Witch, spells cast tonight
E is for 'Evil'*, living with might!
E is for Eldritch, mysterious sights
N is for Netherworld, The Gates opened wide!

* "Live" spelled backwards.

Play Me A Song

(Verse 1)

C Sittin' outside on a Wednesday night 

Am Playing my guitar in the dim porch light 

Dm Out and about all the kids and teens 

G Saying trick or treat cause it's Halloween


C Here comes a bunch of kids bags full of candy 

Am I throw it their way and they smile glady 

DmThen up comes a guy with dreads 

G He smiles at me looks me in the eye and Am says


(Chorus) (X2)

C He said play me a song song song song 

Am Play me something from the heart 

Dm Bar He said play me a song song song song 

G Play me alittle something with soul 

C He said play me a song song song song 

Am Music is my favorite form of art 

Dm He said play me a song song song song 

G Come on make me feel at home 


(Verse 2)

I see your hips are swayin' to the music that I'm playin'

Shuffulin' your feet cause your movin' to the beat 

Like Bob Marley yeah we're jammin' we're jammin'

Listen to the music cause it's slammin' it's slammin'


C It's alright Am it's okay 

Am Bar I feel the music deep within my G heart

C Listen to the music Am I play 

Dm Bar Me and my music we will never G part 



Am When he said play me a song he looked me dead in the eye 

G Swayin' to the music no he wasn't even shy 

Yeah playing music really makes me feel whole 

Like Eminem man he just lost control 

Me on guitar and my heart is the drummer

He said yo that beat is hot like Jamaica in the summer

Like Rihanna we clink our glasses together and say cheers 

And he's wishin' he cold go back to his youthful years

Checking out his watch time really does fly

And it's getting pretty late so it's time to say bye

I say have a nice night as we finally part ways 

He looks at me and says that he wishes he could stay 

In this moment forever just feeling carefree

Dancing to feel good music with people like me 


(Chorus) (X2)

And now we sing...


Ay Ay Ay Ay

Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay

Ay Ay Ay Ay

Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay Ay

Dressin' Up


Today, I feel to be a Taylor

Put a touch of being demure

Get everything out of our closets

Because we will be doing our best


Snatch out bills from our pouch

Scream ourselves nice and loud

Run through our room like we have dates

Beg help from our skillful roommates


When the crown is already done

Get dressed up, we're having fun

We wait for our crushes to pass by

To look at us and stop to say hi


Tonight, I am Lady Gaga

I get the crown and dress all black

Even though our feet ache

The show should start at eight


I'm dressin' up for the first time

I'm thinkin' like the world is mine

I'm walkin' like I'm about to shine

I'm talkin' like I own the night

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Halloween Is Upon Us


Darkness falls on pumpkins bright,
Winter bringing forward no light,
Doorbells ring with frightening chimes,
Children singing written rhymes.

Halloween is upon us dear,
A time for celebration and fear,
Listen closely or get a fright,
Goblins and ghosts are out tonight.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just a silly poem that I made.

Devil's Gate

Devil's Gate

Beneath hell bridge
The tunnel draws you in
By catacomb echoes
To the woods amidst the howls
The stream flows to Belial's face
There, the doorway awaits...

Hooded shadows move in the darkness
Within the forest deep below
'Neath the moon, a silver rictus
Flames aflicker in their hands
The Bridge To Hell has brought you here...

By the gaze of The Demon
Incantations, glowing symbols
Black Altar set before The Gate
Trapezoid traced in the air
Magic thick withIn this place
Much too much for most to bear
She faints into the chair...

An iron gate between two torches
A pyramid points to Hell
The Consort & The Beast enthroned
Invoking energy, surrounding force
Moonchild come to be
A scarlet portal of the flesh
Scarlet Daemon Goddess, Lilith
The Daemonseed possessed...

The earth trembles, 'something' stirs within
By this Sorcery triumphant
The stone face seems to move in place
The Portal shifts & churns
Can you hear the breathing?
The Eye opens, The Gate parts
Black Shadow in the night...
Encircles, suspended 'time'
The air is heavy with evil sensation

"Something" came through...
Within Me, within you...

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Bridge To Hell

Devil's Gate

On the dark horizon
At dusk the sun descends into The Abyss
Blackened with the flames of Hell
Satan spreads His wings of night
Coursing across the Black Earth
On road of triple six
Leads to a bridge between the worlds...

The Bridge To Hell is calling...

Grim Reaper is your guide
Voices on the wind
Calling your name into the fog
Breathe in The Demon's breath
Empowered or consumed...

The Bridge To Hell is calling...

Another sacrifice
Plunges into The Pit
Headlong into the black
Mesmerizing spectral lights
Casts a ghostly pallor
Compelling... impelling...
Now there's no turning back
Will you make it to The Other Side?

December 13, 1913
A monster was erected
With legs of iron and steel
Body of stone
Then the blood began to flow
In throes of lamentation
Broken flesh and bone
Taken by the land...

The Bridge To Hell...
It breathes...
The Bridge To Hell...
It feeds...

Who is that by the side of the road?
In Death's embrace?
Forever gone, but yet returned
Haunting The Night eternal
Where they met their fate
Did you see your face?
Down beneath the archways
The wilderness below
At Devil's Gate...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The hauntingly beautiful bridge is infamous for a continuing series of suicides since its birth in 1913, but it was after this rite that numbers multiplied dramatically, as if the area was somehow more so drawing those so inclined, and perhaps not so much so, towards their doom. It has been postulated that these, along with the disappearances, may be "sacrifices" to feed the dark forces released on the day of the ritual.

It is said that the very archways of this veritable "Hell Bridge", particularly that framing Devil's Gate, may serve as an entryway for nefarious energies.

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Banished from Heaven and Hell

Thus cursed to walk the Earth

For the rest of his immortal life

And he is left with nothing

Except a piece of coal

That the Devil gave him as he left

This coal was not like others

For it was a coal from Hell

Forever burning to light his way

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Halloween Monster

It was the worst thing that I've ever seen.
It happened in my town last Halloween.
A horrible monster attacked and it was undead.
It disembowled people and bit off their heads.

It made Michael Myers look like the Pope.
If you're wondering if it was easily destroyed, the answer is nope.
It killed four hundred people, including every cop.
I knew that this freak of nature had to be stopped.

It didn't hurt that thing when I drove a stake through its heart.
But it did destroy it when I used a bazooka to blow it apart.
Nothing can bring back those four hundred unfortunate women and men.
But people can rest easy because they'll never see that foul monster again.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem.

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