oh sweet and unforgiving darkness, 

how good you are to me

in all unspoken blasphemy, 

finding refuge when theres tragedy

with open eyes

cant see through your guise

a bittersweet demise

scorches my lies

with all my sin

seeping and pouring through the skin


for twas the witching hour

all who know this fear and cower

the chidren crying while theyre flying

in the darkness they are dying


humbug! believe not, there falter not 

see between the twilight or have you forgot

a soaring dawn or the euphoric nightfall

im enraptured, maybe ill be captured

but for now ill go to bed and sleep.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

long time no see guys and gals 

and_hera_met_zeus's picture

excellent write!

you've been away too long :) 

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i enjoyed this great job

i enjoyed this

great job

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Welcome Back 2013

Cool write. Thanks for the friend status.  - Stella



MoonCruxCollision's picture

aww shucks, thank you

aww shucks,  rather thank you, its was my peasure :)

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welcome back!!! excellent poem, very appropriate for the season.

MoonCruxCollision's picture

aaah hoo hoo hooey, thank yah

thanks a bunch, its good to be back :)