13 d i m e n s i o n s


13 Dimensions in your mind
13 Dimensions of Hell
Plunging deeper into The Pit
Descending, floating, falling
Absorbing, projecting, into the dark
Signs, sigils, symbols infernal
Floating before The D/Evil Eye
Possessing, obsessing, haunting the brain
13 Keys to The Gates

Speak the unholy tongues
Gesticulation, genuflection
The Sulfur Key of a Thousand Young
Turning in the Trapezoidoor

Bloodmoon on the rise
Hear them lurching at The doorways's glass
13 Shadows, blackened sun
Eclipse, the face of Satan
Black fog, Lucifer's Magic
13 masks shifting by
Visions of omens manifest

13 Dimensions, timeless forever
13 Dimensions, sight & sound
13 Dimensions, multisensory deprivation/saturation
13 Dimensions, silence of the tomb

Knowledge & Wisdom of The Ages
Through The Books' passageways upon The Sinister Way
Spells of Infernalight & shadow
Omnipotence, Omniscience
Perceive & receive...
What was and is to be again! 

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The dimensions are microcosmic & macrocosmic, one reflective of the other, recognized by resonance, and projected from the imgination of the mind, brought to fruition in a conducive environment under psychodramatic conditions. Symbols, gesticulaions, Words of Power, aesthetics, the multisensory stimulation of the senses and emotions to manifest bioelectromagnetic ennervation combined with directive Force & Will to materialize The Is-To-Be reality. Dark Psychology of The Shadow is the complementary mechanism to manifest & experience Parapsychology, in an overall process known as Shadowmancy & Magic.

The Good & The Evil

There are those who whisper,

Shadowed in the darkness


Those who hide under the cradle,

As we take our nights rest


Those who float above our heads,

Watching, laughing at our weakness


These are those who live on the sea,

And strive on our downfall


There are those who live in the light,

Smiling at our kindnesses 


Those who catch us before we hit the ground,

And pray we heal fast


These are those who hold our hand,

From birth to death

And stand witness to our kindnesses 

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Between two worlds

Entering and exiting doors


Sensitive to the spirits






Into a

Meditative state

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The God Hand


Over her the over watchers
chant and dance and pray
and the life seems to go away
and out from her mouth the plasm of a hundred deaths
vomit fourth
and the night grows darker still
while the dark gods do their will

The soul the wondering child looms overhead
is she breathing
is she alive
is she dead

Over her the over watchers
moan and cry and pray
and the black eyes will not go away
and from her mouth the fire of a hundred hells
reaches out
and the touch grows colder
while the soul of the child hovers over

The god hand reaches from black sky
will she return
will she live
will she die

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