Some little bastards Tped my house and my yard.
I put them over my knees and spanked them hard.
They ran home and told their moms and pops.
Thirty minutes later I was arrested by some cops.

I spent Halloween night behind bars.
Those kids returned and egged my car.
They also left a flaming bag of poop at my door.
They vandalised my house but at least their butts were sore.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a fictional poem.

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The Skeleton Song

101 in 1001

Creepy, creepy skeletons
Creepy, creepy skeletons
Sneaking up on you!

They surely are a fright,
With no body in sight,
They really get a delight
Out of scaring, saying, "BOO!" Oh,

Creepy, creepy skeletons
Creepy, creepy skeletons
Sneaking up on you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My meager attempt at song lyrics. It's, not good.

Written for the Runaway Tales community on LiveJournal, for their prompt "Skeleton" in their Pumpkin Pie set. I then realized it was, technically, a poem. So here it is.

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The night is lovingly black.
Caresses the demons about to attack.
Stars litter the booming silence,
Quiets the mortals crying for deliverance.
Blood strokes like a gentle lover,
Soothing the vampires throats over.
Moon hangs heavily in the sky;
Entrancing the wolves to howl and cry.
The wind ruffles the Fall leaves,
Making even the ghouls drop to their knees.
Houses are dimmed and quiet,
The witches are holding their breaths to keep silent.
A monotonous sound of the clock striking twelve,
And all the sorceri are casting tonight's spell.
Screams, shrieks, and howls inturrupt the night;
Beings prancing about in delight.
The veil between worlds is pierced,
Monster of many kind come through and strike fear.
Both big and small they've come,
To celebrate before the rising sun.
And both kindly and monsterous they will go,
Before any of the humans ever know.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was just made in favour of my love to Halloween; my favourite holiday. ♥

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Halloween Fright

Yea every niqqa has a cloak // dats better left unprovoked // it hides in a disguise // while it spies and decides // quick with the eyes // it slowly personifies // as it cannibalize everything dats sane inside // so u can't hypothesize what it characterized // just be prepare to lose your hair as you will scream in despair // I tell you now don't be scared as it only comes out once a year // some say he's all about trickery but it prefers the term chicanery // an art of delight dat it has perfect // u give it a treat or you'll get decked // it doesn't matter which u select // cuz either or it will reject // it just wants to laugh before it rest // it wants this day to be da best // it says trick or treat ? but in it's eyes it wants a feast // a diabetic candy beast // a shadow of the night // dat masterful fright // I pray for all on this Halloween night...


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Witching Hour

Tormented zombies come out for a horror play-fest
and every vampire coven stalks the night for prey –
all warlocks escort their witches at the end of day
and their black cats join them as they embark on this quest.

Princesses run down the streets while carrying their wands,
Angels smoothly glide along; halos attached and all –
life-size kitty cats purr in excitement of the Fall…
while some creatures are dressed as if they were Satan’s Spawn.

Boys and girls, every age, like to see sights so strange,
they come out in the chill, expecting to get their thrills –
there is only one way to have their wishes fulfilled…
it’s to dress up, go house to house, and act deranged.

This is quite a splendid sight, the children of the night
carrying plastic pumpkins overflowing with sweets –
they want the candy, but I prefer tricks over treats.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is a poem I wrote for my first Poetry writing class at VCU. This assignment: Write a syllabic poem of 15 lines.

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A Ghost story for halloween

Short Stories

A Ghost Story for Halloween

It is on All Hallows eve, that the doorways and windows of the otherworld are thrown wide open, letting the year’s stench of decay and death flow forth, filling the air with a dark expectancy, where souls free themselves from the darkness, walking upon the earth for a night and a day. Most of these poor souls are content to look out from the gravestone windows and the earth doorways, looking in wonderment at the world the left behind, a few however are not so lucky to have their own gravestone, but they are content to feel a little light upon their “in limbo” souls, while watching in silence, since they have no voice in any of these worlds. Others skip and dance free as butterflies upon the earth, tiny orbs of light reflecting around the churchyards, fields and villages, and the darkened buildings of the cities. Some however go a little further--------
Alice blinked in the startling light of day, she had been waiting for this moment of freedom from the dark and now as the day approached, the sun seemed to tease her with its glare, but it was her day and she was going to enjoy it.
Having ended her own sweet life once with such gay abandon and traumatic departure, she was now ready to return, or at the very least wreck havoc upon those still living; she was still quite bitter about her untimely end and sought her sweet revenge against all and sundry, though mostly men, as it was a man she died for, the blood being still fresh from the self inflicted wounds upon her wrists.
On noticing a young girl standing beside a grave and of similar age to herself when alive, she drifted over to her side, a whisper of shadow settling upon her shoulder, making the girl shudder slightly as if a cold hand had just been placed upon her. She watched the girl staring with great sadness at the graveside, tears flowing freely down her reddened cheeks, listening as she spoke between tears, “How could you, how could you die like this, I mean no sorry or anything, you know sorry for how cruel you were, or how you hated me, anything, anything would have been better than this”
She began to snivel again, this time banging her hand against the rough granite stone.
Uuuuurrrgggh she thought how human!
Whispering ever so sweetly into her ear, the ghost said “Why do you cry so and why are you angry?
The girl replied to herself, for she could see no other person around and thought her mind to be playing tricks in her grief, ” I have lost my mother, why shouldn’t I cry”
To which the ghost replied “But was your mother not an evil old hag, berating and tormenting you with her words of cruelty and forbidding you the company of friends”
The young girl cried out in anguish, “That is true, but still I must mourn her death”
“Then perhaps you would like to visit her for one last time, so you can speak your mind freely, knowing that she is dead and cannot harm you anymore”
“I suppose that would make me feel better and I will be able to see if she is comfortable in her grave “
The ghost told the young girl to touch the gravestone and close her eyes.
Without knowing it her soul went right through the stone and entered the realm of the dead, leaving her mortal body standing, alone and unattended.
The ghost called down to her, “I will return before midnight”
Whooping with joy, the ghost jumped into the empty body and made for the nearest train Station, remembering, with sudden frustration that mortals need transport, no longer was she able to float between the pressed pages of time , in a mortal body she was now a pressed flower. She shrugged, it was of little consequence, a mere few hours perhaps, and she had every intention of enjoying every moment. Approaching the station she noticed a sign, Exeter Station, well Exeter, it is about time we discovered London, my home and withat she jumped aboard a train and headed towards home, knowing that she would not be returning ever again. She had escaped death.
Jubilant and carefree she began to enjoy herself, frequenting all her past haunts, spying on friends of old; oh how she laughed, for of course no one recognised her in her new found disguise. Better than shopping for dresses, bodies were so much more fun, especially now her legs were long and slender and her body that of a super model, never before had she felt so tall, it was even quite difficult to walk, but with the grace of an elephant she adopted a shashaying sway and flaunted herself with gay abandon onto the streets of London, imagining herself to be Paris Hilton. She even managed to dress herself in all the latest fashions, curtesey of a large department store which she aquired for a steal; old habits die hard for a junkie. Now dressed as a million dollar babe, thankful all that horrid frumpy cardigan shit was well and truly discarded with, she began to drink, a glass or two in every bar she passed, raising each to toast all her old sad, loser friends, and everyone she despised still in the underworld. in short, she drank herself senseless, but not before going home with an eager young lover.
A night of great passion followed, laughter and kisses, torrid and lusting, till tiredness took over the young lovers and their eyes closed tightly in sleep.
Meanwhile the poor young girl was trapped in the underworld, fearing no escape as the time neared to midnight, she began to shout out, “ Help, can anyone hear me, pleas help, I am stuck inside this grave”
There was only silence and the whispers of ghosts, a few drawn breaths as they gasped in dismay. She looked up at the tiny hole, high above her, it was no good, she could never reach up that high, she started to cry, angry at her own stupidity, angry at her mothers death and the mess she was in; the underworld is no place for the living, she will surely die here!.
After a good cry, she pulled herself together, and decided to call upon her mother for help, “Mother, Mother, I demand that you come to my rescue, for once I really do need you”
Her Mother appeared, none to pleased at being disturbed and spoke severely to her daughter “Why do you wake me, I am old and I am most certainly now dead”
To which her daughter replied “ For years I have looked after your fat, lazy body, always demanding and chastising with your cruel, poisonous words, now I need your help and for once you will help me, or I shall make sure you never rest in peace”
The old lady sighed, a very weary sigh, “very well daughter, what is it you want of me”
“Let me stand upon your shoulders so that I may get out of this crypt”
The old woman stood patiently while her daughter climbed onto her bony shoulders and pulled herself up towards the tiny speck of light, grabbing at the mud until eventually disappearing back into her own world.
She called down to the gravestone “Farewell Mother, may you now rest in peace”.
The church clock chimed the last stroke of midnight and all the doorways and windows closed for another year.
The following morning as the sunlight streamed through the dusty glass of the windows, the handsome boy woke up, with sleep fresh in his eyes; he leant over to kiss his beautiful bride of the night, only to stare in absolute terror. His face became contorted with shock, the blood draining rapidly from his bronzed skin, now pale with death’s shroud, his eyes frozen in fear, unable to blink the apparition away before him. The girl of such alluring beauty, a face of innocence and charm, had now withered into a scull of decay, dark eye’s staring with vacant beauty; a shroud of white sheeting covering her mortal remains. Gasping for air, as he tries to pull himself out of the bed, an arm entwined in his, so fell the bones, the dirt, the black dust, the creamy fat maggots and the thick, congealing blood of a freshly resurrected corpse, hanging on his body, he fell into the gore, consumed by death. No one heard his screams, saw his fear, or felt his nerves becoming shredded one by one, or the last sigh as death gathered up his soul, leaving an ugly contorted form for the rats to eat.
So beware dear reader, of who you talk to on All Hallows eve!

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All Hallows Eve

Twas the night of all hallows eve and all through the haunted house,

Not a creature was yet stirring, not even the three headed mouse;

All the pumpkins were lit by the chimney with care,

In hopes all who saw them would get a good scare;

The werewolves were nestled all snug in their dens,

With visions of plump chickens locked up in their pens;

The mummies in their bandages and the vampires turned to bats,

Had just settled down in the morgue for their naps;

Then out in the graveyard there arose a great shatter,

The ghouls starting shrieking in a nightmarish chatter;

Outside the window a fireball flashed,

For the headless horseman had once again slashed;

The blue moon lit eerily against the red flow,

Giving off the illusion of an unnatural glow.

When what a ghastly sight should appear,

But the grim reaper himself with a thick metal spear;

With a nod of his head he watched the clock tower tick,

And then vanished as if by magic’s ultimate trick;

In his place a witches covenant came,

Each chanting softly another point’s name;

“Earth, wind, water, spirit, fire,

We call upon thee to uplift and inspire;

From the tips of the heavens to the bottom of the seas,

We listen to you through the message on the breeze;”

Their cauldron sparked and shot smoke to the sky,

As they mounted their broomsticks and waited to fly;

So up in the air these mysterious witches flew,

As they chanted and sang, laughed and cried “BOO!”

And then in the silence came a great poof,

As Hyde cackled loudly to unspoken truth;

For outside in waiting the skeletons were bound,

No longer zombies left stumbling around;

The sneaky black cats prowled on padded foot,

And sneezed rather loudly from the fire pits soot;

With branches and stones piled as high as their hats,

The gnomes scrambled quickly to avoid the fat rats;

Their claws sharp as razors and their cries hauntingly scary,

The ravens made all the creepy spiders and snakes wary.

Elves hunted the mazes with arrow and bow,

None too aware of their only true foe;

Standing high as the clouds with massive shoed feet,

Frankenstein’s Monster was no easy enemy to beat;

Green as the slime in the woods famished belly,

He’d squish his opponents as if they were jelly;

Though Frankenstein’s Monster was not prey to an elf,

His only real danger was indeed to himself;

Being so enormous did not mean brains filled his head,

And so the great ogres caught and ate him instead.

Upon the black lake a ghostly pirate’s crew was at work,

Attempting to start a phantom ship with a push and a jerk;

When out of the darkness Ogo Pogo arose,

Shooting the ship with water from out of his nose;

Then up in the sky Dracula gave a harsh whistle,

His power hitting all as quick as a missile;

It was then that the tourists all screamed as they ran out of sight,

“Happy Halloween to all, and to all a good fright!!!”

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