A Wolf's Freedom

The mist, the breeze, silhouettes of vague moonlight and grasses of fading green
Flourish mysteriously artistic sublimity, and pierces to mind a fascination beyond
Beauty in its chaos, wonder in its profound mirage, to my sight it has forever deemed
Lost was I for eternity in this moment, blending with the resonation of a perfect song

Through the grips of the night, I hear the soothing howls of the mystic wolves, the glimmer of twilight dancing throughout the scope of its eyes enchants my sight. I look into the wolf’s eyes, noticing the wavering of its graceful fur, the steadiness of its firm paws on the blighted colors of the earth, the blissful and powerful growling resonating through the senses of my spine, the fury of its stance which magnifies with the vistas of dark horizons, its chest flowing in breaths of shallow nature, raising its chest in brief periods. Despite all of the intriguing details of its intimidating presence, the fear with which its claws ought to cast into the hearts of the ordinary, I gaze thoughtfully into the eyes of this magnificent creature, and realize an innocence enflamed with an ultimate passion for freedom. I noticed the rapid pulsation of its chest rhythmically dancing with the fervent flowing of glimmers in its alluring eyes, and saw nature in its pure and basic form, and felt the potency of its life searing through my existence with a power divine. I drifted off into the plains of this eternally enlightening night, I look once more into the eyes of this majestic creature, and then take a look at myself. An inconvenient truth then hit me with a sense of unbearable grief. Man no longer belongs here.

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