Overwhelming is the divinity of the absolute beauty encompassing the light in my eyes
Cast into a realm of dispersing contemplation, by which the forms of existence coincide
Entranced with the delights of sparkling imaginations, where joy and sorrow peacefully lie
Realizing that the truth is held with a sight of keen awareness, and with wisdom to guide

Fine are the threads which cast blissfulness onto the plains which stretch in wonder
Inexplicable are the details of synchronous sublimity, by which our passions freely soar
Insatiable are the dynamic fires of our souls, which spread wildly with flames asunder
Enveloping the entities portrayed by senses with a gratitude great, but with pain nevermore

Alone in the dark, silent with my thoughts and stilled with fleeting memories and sounds
I look ahead, just more blight, I can’t see what’s ahead, I can’t feel what’s coming
Unpredictable and whimsical was the setting, walking forth towards a future confound
For there lies the beauty, in the hands of formless sequence, where I’m always rebelling, and always running

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Very impressive

Very impressive

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You are a mystical poet...

You are a mystical poet... thank you for shedding your light on the forum and everywhere