A dream I fly off into, throughout the wavy plains of its plasticity
I witness a haze of blur, a fuzziness of soft fur, and a path towards horizons
Dizziness embraces my mind as it instills into the threads of unpredictability
Beauty engulfs the world’s foundations alongside the dispersion of imaginations

Levitating was I amongst the rays of resonating wonder
Gliding through the destinies of untold passions and unstated love
Soaring unhindered alongside inspirations which guide asunder
Blending with the specks of reality which attain to the ultimate of freedoms

Not with much meaning may the words of such nature in discrete images describe
But rather in the flowing fluidity in which it is cautiously inscribed
May you dwell into the beats of instigating invigorations of the soul
Ones with which your sight envelops not with single identity, but with beauty as whole

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