My Apology





I apologize for my lack of tact,


And I know this resolve not easy, in it's fact,


You, so cute, in your anger of this,


So innocent and sweet, in your pain, so amiss,


But truth is, whether it was a stick or a baseball bat,


Makes not a difference, from where you sat,


Pain inflicted, is still pain, in-deed,


The best part, is that you recognize this seed,


Oh, my little darling...cry hard, and cry deep,


It is not in vain your tears, they weep,


You've opened doors, and possibilities galore,


You are now free!!


Now live some more!





5:25 PM 7/8/2013 ©



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Between Silences

Between Silences


Last night you said you couldn't

Take it anymore.

Last night you said that

You wanted to die.

Last night I held you

In my arms.

Last night I watched

While you cried.

I went to sleep with you

On my mind.

I went to sleep with worries

Not far behind.

I went to sleep and dreampt

About us.

I went to sleep in hopes

You'd be fine.

Today I looked into your eyes

And felt relieved.

Today I hope it all goes better

Inside your head.

Today I want so badly

To hear you laugh.

Today I know exactly

The reason we are wed.

God made you for me

And I for you.

God had a plan figured out

The day we met.

God is always watching out

For you and I.

God wants us to be happy

Don't ever forget.


Brandy Noelle Souza

July 3rd, 2013

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Dedicated to my husband

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Jason's Poems

Love is much deeper than we may conceive,

We may become channels that flow endlessly,

We can’t avoid feeling,

Denying our tears,

Pretending we’re careless,

Throughout all our years,

As old ones sure leave us,

And those we held dear,

New ones will join us,

And they we hold near,

As the student is ready,

The teacher appears,

And love removes mountains,

Forgiving our fears,

We’re all in this cycle of love which we learn,

And all of our carnal desires must we burn,

We all yearn for freedom to let us fly higher,

Liberating our souls of this burning desire.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem about the efficacy of the power of love in our lives...

Infernal Absence - August 17, 2012

Isanity screaming inside my hollow mind,

begging for forgiveness, an objective blind.

Infernal determination, fulfillment needed;

cutting and scarring my esteem so receeded.


Ignorance without reason, a mystery veiled;

unwanted self-treason, a memory impaled.

The black cat company, a desperate attempt

to rid of others, this external conscent.


Numbness quickly detracting every emotion,

followed by a perceived negative notion.

The sum of my life, instantaneous death;

my mind is taking its final breath.


My eyes are weeping, my lungs are bleeding,

my soul is tearing, my mind is leaving.

And breaking into nothing, a blank plane;

an inperceivabe place, a shattered brain.


A little blank boy, all that's left behind,

with nothing else to call his own.

In search of someone, he tries to find,

but all he's found is that he's forever alone.

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Dante's Flower

Fill in the spaces where emptiness lay,

And bring meaning to voids born a cold yesterday,

For each child that hungers for answers to why,

The twin towers fell down and brought hell from the sky.

Teach not of the hate that feeds more acts of war,

Just teach all of those things that we should have taught


Teach ‘bout faith and humility, courage and hope,

This surley will help in their struggle to cope,

Teach them patience and how to plant many a seed,

In the hearts left so cold from this dastardly deed,

Try to balance the weight of material lust,

With these virtues long lost now decaying with rust.

As we try to rebuild what remains of this crime,

We will all learn so well how good things take much time,

And the gut-level honesty needed to heal,

May emerge from that pile of rubble and steel,

Through the passion that waves these flags red, white and


We hand down truths to babes much too late to undo,

But with willingness now to teach treasures of old,

They will understand all this confusion and mold

Better ways to live here so that peace will prevail,

With new "guns" of respect war won’t be up "for sale".

Things we hope for our children won’t just be things of


The real treasures of life won’t be buried in ash.



© 2002


Edited 2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Only love can banish vengeance.

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Second chance no a new book

I wonder on why you did it

why u betray me

why u hurt my feeling for you

my heart shattered over the floor

my eyes balling for once teers of blood

You told him you liked him and held his hand

kept it secreat from me

I found out im in shock if anything

i will forgive
i find it hard i will forgive becasue your my one love
people make misakes tay

and you just made a silly one

im prepared to start a new book

throw the other one out forget the past

like nothing happened but it will be in my mind

you wont be talking to meny guys now

i cant let go of you im deeply in love

it may be stupid

but i am sure we can start a new page i cant not forgive you
i love you i really do
my passion every second of my life since i had you has been devoted to you

thinking of you

knowing you

caring and trusting you

i know its gonna be a long journy

a long one for us

but we will make it

make it for us no one else but us

i have nothing to hide noor dose you

this is it

a new book

fuck off the old and in with the new

Author's Notes/Comments: 


Road Rage


He gets in the car, with a snarl and a sneer.

Turning the engine, he squints and he peers.

He's in the right, as he rolls down the glass.

You just remember, cause he's not the ass.


He's had a bad day,

No surprise there.

He's on the war path,

Not that anyone cares.


I'm enjoying my ride, The sun on my face,

When you cut me off, and jump to a race.

You rant and you rave, your hand as you wave,

Your little birdie finger,  so well used & behaved.


But light is within me,

Light you can't trace,

And this immeasurable power,

Keeps the smile on my face.


You're angry now,

Cause I didn't react.

It's hard to play a game,

When the unexpected,

blows you off track.


You stick out your arm,

You flip me the bird.

I smile and I laugh,

I think that you heard.

And when I rolled down my window,

I told you to smile.

Told you to breathe,

take a break for a while.


Your anger's confusion,

When I didn't enter the stage,

Is one I'll remember, Forever an, age.

A final look in the mirror,

my face full of bliss,

He growls his annoyance

and i blow him a kiss.


His anger deflated,

he seems most ashamed,

As he turns the car round,

He knows he's to blame.

But I don't hold it against you,

You were caught in your pain,

Twisted and knotted,

It's a compulsive game.


You tried to lash out,

Not your proudest hour,

Next time try love,

and gain back your power.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this last week, after the above described incident :) It was the first time being in such a situation, that I found myself completely... unperturbed, by this mans anger. Instead, i yelled out the window that I loved him!! lol. Anyways, i don't think it's very good, just something i had to get out, thought I'd post it just for fun :) PeeCe & LuV

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Hear the words
That cut deep into my soul
It hurts so much
As they stumble out.

I taste the salty pain
Tears rolling down like a rain
Words that hurt like steel
Tirades came one after another.

A stare so deeply intense
As it pierced thru my heart
Words failed to come out
To tell you how much I care

All you have to do
Is put a smile on your face
And the tears will stop

It’s the smile
That will erased
The pain of the past
Forgiving hearts
Healed by the power
Of Your Love.

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A Blessed Seeking Soul

Poetry Folder.

I have been giving a gift that what seems to me that some might kill for.
A gift that I was blessed with from birth.
A gift that was given "to me" that could only come from above.
Family, Friends, Sisters, Brothers, Teachers, and God fearing people that I could only admire but never obtain.
I have been given a token that , many people tend to lose when this troubled world tears them down.
A place to call home.
A place to lay my confused head upon
Yes... I am fully aware of that matter of fact, every night since the day that a sweet angel whispered in my ear... I Never stopped thanking God and If I so happened to forget...just know I never forgot him.
BUT WITH ALL I HAVE BEEN GIVEN...IT'S NOT ENOUGH to fill my profundity pain.
I have come to realize that, maybe it's not the materialistic things, or the people in my life that can help fill this never ending black hole BUT it is I that must forgive, remember, learn, and grow so I can cure my sick soul.
ALL these years I lived life ignoring and wishing the pain would just disappear.
Praying to God just to take it away pleaseeee... when all he was waiting on was ME now hopefully he can fulfill his deeds and USE ME.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

~ I haven't wrote any "poetry" in awhile but I had to bring my feelings out some how sooo I hope you enjoyed the read and feel free to leave a comment .( Love to get feedback on my poems)~ I know it doesn't really... flow together but I write in the order of my feelings... my own style. :)

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