I Wait For Soldiers

I know your suffering is a gift,
And yet I don't want to see you suffer,
The deluge of sorrow, bitterness,
And my scourge restrained with hapless contempt,
For all the days you spent comfortless,
Abandoned through misunderstanding,
The tenderness of open arms you left for dreams non exist,
And I, not knowing the horror of your nights,
The agony of your torment, how deep the gash,
Or festering with stagnant nightmares,
Looming furtively in the silence of the night,
I weep to the heavens for just one meager moment of mercy,

That into the darkness of your shattered mind,

Unfettered alms might be fulfilled,
And hear our hearts, feel the warmth of compassion,
Taste the blood stained tears that fall wet upon our faces,
I hear the wailing shrieks of babies, mothers,
And you...from the depths of desolation,
Reaching for what once was,
As you left this land to become my hero,
The measure of true love is deepest felt in suffering,
And the battles of the ages cannot be won,
Until every being lays down their sword in the waters of tranquility,
To wipe the slate of our fathers, and their fathers past,
Carry a weapon of peace, for now is the war that matters most,
Bear your arms in love and kindness,
Now and the rest of our days we may have to share,
For life is short, and we are sorry with you,
You are not alone.





Author's Notes/Comments: 

Poem about feeling sorry about war.

Dante's Flower

Fill in the spaces where emptiness lay,

And bring meaning to voids born a cold yesterday,

For each child that hungers for answers to why,

The twin towers fell down and brought hell from the sky.

Teach not of the hate that feeds more acts of war,

Just teach all of those things that we should have taught


Teach ‘bout faith and humility, courage and hope,

This surley will help in their struggle to cope,

Teach them patience and how to plant many a seed,

In the hearts left so cold from this dastardly deed,

Try to balance the weight of material lust,

With these virtues long lost now decaying with rust.

As we try to rebuild what remains of this crime,

We will all learn so well how good things take much time,

And the gut-level honesty needed to heal,

May emerge from that pile of rubble and steel,

Through the passion that waves these flags red, white and


We hand down truths to babes much too late to undo,

But with willingness now to teach treasures of old,

They will understand all this confusion and mold

Better ways to live here so that peace will prevail,

With new "guns" of respect war won’t be up "for sale".

Things we hope for our children won’t just be things of


The real treasures of life won’t be buried in ash.



© 2002


Edited 2013 ©

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Only love can banish vengeance.

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my ode entitled 'heredetary disease'

Hereditary Disease


I would like to tell you a story
About diseases that are hereditary
It’s how those diseases are passed
Through the century’s, made to last


Hereditary diseases are punishments
For any of a family’s nastiness
Does not matter how long ago
The family keep on paying till now


You may think this system unfair
You had no control back then
Your family for gold could have sold out
Or could be evil out and out


So have you a hereditary disease now?
How unfair does that sound?
Your paying the price for dark or Nazi
For someone in your bloodline definitely


But it isn’t unfair whatsoever
That whole families get grouped together
It’s the same rules for every planet
But from us the rules have been kept


Cos when you do evil you realize
Your whole family will pay the price
Designed to make you think twice
About doing undoubted wrongs: not right


Anyone that served a dominion; empire too
Will all pay a price through you
God don’t like people conquering nations
Residents now won’t make heaven


But soon all counters are reset
All hereditary disease clocks start again
With the coming spiritual graduation
Ask god and he might just let you in


This is what it’s all about then; diseases
through generations go missing
It’s god’s way to protect all believers
Despite the evil of some family members

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