I believe in me!

I believe in me!         

they said that i was slow and not so very bright

they never once thought that i 'd put up a fight

to them i have no chance to be happy or carefree

but no matter what they say i believe in me

in school i was put down because i didnt fit in

but i was so determined to never let them win

they were all so very cruel  and never once letup

but still i carried on never once did i give-up

then i married him with his oh so angry hands

he was so very violent with all of his demands

and then one day it happened i had been set free

and no matter how you slice it i still believe in me!


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this one because i realised that i did believe in me and no matter what other say all you have to do is believe in yourself  it thats all that matters, hope you like it!


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