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Dreams Of A Statue Boy

On a trip, to a museum I was.
There a statue, made of grey stone I saw.
Statue of a little boy.
In his hands holding a jar.
Filled with fireflies, was that jar.
And at it, he was looking.
I looked into his eyes, which were telling me something.
In his eyes were some dream.
They told me that, he wants to walk.
The boy made of grey stone.
He lives in museum, standing alone.
And loneliness, makes him cry.
And no one hear his any moan.
He wants to go out, and enjoy the open air.
And birds sitting on trees he wants to stare.
And look at roses, and in winter, girly red noses.
And a friend, to them, everything to share.
And catch fireflies himself.
And put them in the jar.
And he wishes that he had a home with a shelf.
To put that jar on.
And sleep when he's tired of standing.
But he wishes what is against the nature.
Because he is just a stone made creature. 







Have you walked the foggy beach on days

when sorrows overwhelmed your soul

and cried the tears of bitterness

your life on hold in full regret

with future dimmed by a smoky haze

lost love you can't seem to forget?


Have you felt the talons of loneliness

been acquainted with a rainy night,

felt so alone and lost in pain

can't find the courage to regain

any laughter or willingness

to begin anew in hope again?



You must pull the talons from your heart

return with faith, begin anew,

release the sorrow, let it go

let love back in to heal your soul

believing in a fresh new start 

and a brighter future to behold.







Author's Notes/Comments: 

I created a different rhyme scheme today.


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The Darker Place I Go

The Dark Side


I'm headed down that road again

the one with no turn-around.

The one that tempts

and beckons

like offerings of water

to a desert-parched soul.


Its safer at the end of there-

for no one dares follow

not even to lead you back

from the brink-

so cold-hearted and barren

of emotions they are already.


No...simply emotionless,

they watch you walk

farther and farther away

sucked down deeper

into the blackness-

and they don't even wave goodbye.


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I Am Already Dead

The Dark Side


No big loss...yeah,

That would be me.

In a final act

To finally set me free.


None would mourn

Or even shed a tear

If one day soon

No longer, I'm here.


I've nothing left

Worth holding to

Its what I've known

I really must do.


I might as well

Have the life from me, fled

For in living like this,

...I am already dead.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Its not something I would ever do...only this way...via poetry

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Too Much To Bear

The weight upon my shoulders which i choose to bear is starting to break me. Make me trip and make me fall. My knees are weak and my arms are heavy. This weight of shame and loneliness is to much to bear. I walk through the days with this weight. Slowly making me wither away and no one is here to help. I need the help of others before I finally become to weak. I have tried to call to others but they shrug me off as a loser and a freak. Eventually I will crack under this enormous weight and cease to exist and no one will miss the person I once was

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They say the grass is greener on the other side,

But that’s for them,

The grass is brown on either side for me,

Dying, withering, until there is no more,

Like my life in this city,

This city of pain, and suffering,

Which I cannot seem to escape from.

I want to run to the coasts of the country,

To explore the rest of the world,

I have dreams, aspirations,

But those wither until there is no more.

I scream, I shout,

Nothing changes,

I am hopeless, helpless in all these cases,

Fingers point and prick at me,

Like I am nothing but dirt under their feet.

They can’t see,

That these things they do get at me,

They won’t change, they can’t change,

So I have to leave.

I have to get away from this horrible place,

If I stay there will be no me,

Just a body in the ground,

Decomposing under their feet.