Insect Angels

Bugs have appeared out of knowhere,

spontaneously generating themselves


From somwhere else they come

to infest our lives, so they can investigate


the inconsistences and absurdities,

which we cast like shadows



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I was wandering through 

the Narodni Museum

of Natural History in Prague.


There was an exhibit that featured

many fossils and remains 

recovered from prehistoric times.


They also had recreations 

of some of the creatures.

One such recreation was 

a cockroach looking thing

that was about 5 feet long.


It was a bit disconcerting

to say the least.

The regulation size roaches

are troubling enough.


But I wasn’t totally impressed.

I was thinking “Pfshaw,

we have cockroaches in Philly

that could kick that things ass.”


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​Song Of The Stable Boy

On the far away empty island
In that ancient cottage
Veil of the night covers the face of the land.
As you keep looking out of the window
At the moon and clouds making the shape,
like an arrow of foam with a silver bow.
Surrounded by the trance of nostalgia.
And behind the worn curtain,
I secretly am filling all the jars with,
sweet wishes and pinkish desires.
Now it’s time to change the climate of your heart.
It's time for you to turn around.
And make some loud amazement's sound.
As I open the jars,
filled with fireflies.
As they fly spread inside the dark room.
And fill your face with surprise.
So you could fill lightning bugs,
into the lake of your eyes.
Smelling the petrichor after rain of sparkles,
I take your hand and we keep couple dancing.
So I could look into the world,
behind the curtain of your eyes.
All these dreams and fantasies are no ordinary,
but sometimes stable-boy find's his Cinderella.
Because sometimes, "Dreams do come true." 

Follow the Dragonfly

Watching the birds flying high over head, the muskrat slips out of his nesting bed.
The feel of the sun beaming from above, nature is the place that I love.
The smell of the forest in the air; listen quietly there is nothing to fear.
Hear the river trickling and the bugs flickering.
See the fish jumping for the sky: in search for food to survive.
The man in the canoe now feels one with nature too.
I watched the dragon fly close, the refection I got this day was stronger than most.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

out fishing last week in my canoe watched a dragonfly and then seen everything else after that , nice moment.

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