Faded blueprints

Sweeping the streets,

While blaming defeat-

On the sidewalk.

Taming my feet-

Things can only look up,

For Us.

As you trickle to the-

Granite door.


Labeled as such,

You puffed up-

Fixed my cuff.

Gravity abandons,

All of us.

Grasping what's left-

Youthful death,

Hasn't met an end-

Left to stand once more.


Mother, why you'd fuss?

Our rooms are cleaned at once.

Small fingerprints fade in time.

One, two, three-

Your kisses we'll keep.

Our ashes may seem-

Like sandy gold,

Smells of brimstone.

The loss of two leos and a capricorn.


Our corduroy vests,

Her pink satin dress-

Stained with crimson,

Not to mention shards of glass.

These will soon flush,

As we thrust through misty clouds.

We leave as we come-

Just candles in the sun.

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