The Hallow Space

The Hallow Space

Upon entering the hallow space, I cannot help but feel battered and defected
Staring into the nothingness, wondering why my emotions remain scattered and uncollected
My mind weighs heavy and my heat continuously tearing
Struck down at every turn, getting to the point of despairing
My conscience screams and cry’s as if I am unaware
Begging me to weep alongside it, releasing my pain and utter despair
What was here is now there, what was strong now met its grim demise
Now here I stand, spectating, as another part of me quickly dies
The pain of being here is almost unbearable, as I must depart
Slowly turning back leaving another foundation to inevitably to fall apart

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Nothing but Despair

Volume One






Nothing but Despair”


No more tears left to cry

dead but needing to bleed

suffering from the soul-less deed

Left with nothing but Despair

watching while you disappear

wishing for the end to come

but when it's all said and done

your left with nothing but despair

your humanity slipping away

every second of every day

chained up to the wall

struggling for every inch you call

the pain, the drain

but to no prevail

trapped in your tortured cell

you are left with despair


"The heart she took,

without even a look

ripping it out like an opened book

telling me I am a sin

pouring the misery in

even in the powerless stare

I'm left with nothing but despair"





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(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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The Soul

Volume One






The Soul”



I can pass through a crack in the wall

I can soar through a long hall

I will fall and get back up

Some say I won't die

some say I can't die

some even say I come from the sky

I am the man of mystery

I am the man who cannot die

but inside I am torn apart

but I have died, died inside


"Death is the only way out"


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This was the very first poem I ever wrote, back when I was still in school. I had made the mistake of showing this to one of my teaching hoping and expecting for them to be proud of my creativity, however instead what I got was a nightmare of councilers and lectures about being depressed and suicidal and all that fun stuff.


(Updated; From Psycho- Confessions)

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