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Nieces and nephews 
is someone 
Who look up to 
you as aunts and uncles 
Their light up we you 
walk to the door 
Their teach you 
patients and how to 
Love unconditionally and their teach 
You how to be kind to 
other I love hearing 
My niece calling me aunt 
if you have a nieces 
Or nephews or niece 
Or nephew their are
Blessing of god
I love my niece 
© Amanda Kay Hill 


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The Fate of a Girl Child and the Fate of a She-Dog

The fate of a girl child and the fate of a she-dog

Beautiful Alice  brims with innosence,

An angel,

Then blooms like a flower,

In one fell swoop.

So quickly,

 Beautiful Alice is with child.

Like  a a she-dog.

Or a  wild beast.

The fate of a girl child 

Could be the fate of a she-dog.



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The Step

I have watched these chubby little legs

For over six months now

Tremble and shake

My gaze transfixed in expectation

The bouncy little bottom

Moves up and down to a tune

Only she can hear


Hands fixed to the lounge

Free but not yet free

One more step to complete

Her head turns with a smile

That always melts my heart

Her eyes deep pools of innocence

Announce the time has come 


First one hand then the other

Leave safety behind forever

Everything will change for us both now

My heart stops, I am frozen in time with her

Her face a picture of all feelings at once

Fear, joy, confusion, wonder, happiness, concentration

False start, hands back, reappraisal, test complete


She turns back, more test bounces, check complete

Hands free, head turns again, all go for launch

Her arms experience a new role, steadying the ship

Her smile burns its image to my mind forever

My heart stops again, our world stops

It’s all up to her now, this is it

And then

The step


First right leg, then pause, small wobbles

Then left, my heart racing, bursting from my chest

Her concentration turns to a smile

She giggles, wobbles, her world has just grown larger

I look into her eyes and fail to notice

That all this time, she has been looking into mine

The moment passes, she falls


I sweep her into my arms

Look for hurt and tears

There is none to be seen

Her face is still a beacon, burning so bright

I am dazzled by its brilliance

I have seen her first steps in life

She just smiles and giggles, unaware of the gift she has given


This work is copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act 1968, no part may be reproduced by any process, nor may any other exclusive right be exercised, without the permission of Neville John Gourley, 2 Sarah Court, Capalaba, Queensland 4157, and dated 21-04-2013.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

My daughters first steps.

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I Wish I Could Stop Myself From Getting Any older

I wish I just could

Stop myself from

Getting any older.


Remeber when my dad

Would push me off 

So I could ride

My bike.


Or when my mom

Would show me

How to read on those 

Warm summer nights


And all the roads

We traveled down

To see the things

I dreamed about


Oh I wish just could

Stop myself from

Getting any older.


One day I could find a

Love and we could

Start it over


And maybe we could

See are selves

When we were that much young.


And I know just can't

Stop myself from

Getting any older


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“You Are God’s Art Work”


You are God’s Art Work. When you understand this; you understand the importance of being and the importance and beauty of another’s being.
Imagine a child of any age, with his or her coloring pencils drawing on a piece of paper. Tongue stuck out, eyes focused and every mark in its place. The yellow is where he or she wants it, there’s just enough blue and every line and dot in the background makes that child’s art work complete. It took some time, but it was worth it. This child is so proud of his or herself, sitting back gazing at his or her creation, knowing that he or she will never create this one masterpiece ever again. Can you feel that child’s joy, that child’s love for his or her creation?
Now, imagine another child with only one black flat tip marker, with only two strokes in only two seconds ruin the first child’s creation before he or she was able to show it to anyone. Can you feel that child’s pain, that child’s anger?
You are God’s Art Work. And every Man, Woman and Child should be treated as such.
Every scar you made on another Man, Woman or Child was a mark on one of God’s many Great Masterpieces (if you never done so, I congratulate you and ask you never feel this shame). This is how wrong our world is. You should feel ashame to have another bare the mark of your rage and even worse if you bare the mark of another because of your own wrong way of living. This is not a hard task but it must be dealt with where the problem begins. It begins with you. If you have a thought, an idea, the feeling or if someone is pushing you to hurt or harm or even dislike anyone in any manner at any time, you should have the wisdom and compassion to know that this is wrong, that this is not right and want to resolve the matter of not; the difference of the other person, but why I feel this way towards them.
Now, imagine a world with no man made scars created in anger or dislike. Can you see a World with no war, a World with no animosity toward one another Worldwide…a World without one man made bruise in anger toward another? That world can be, just by respecting...
God’s Art Work

Is Museum art more important than God's?

Author's Notes/Comments: 

staight and to the point. 

These Are The Portals Of Evil


The body is the portal to which Evil uses to enter the Universe, our World, and our Lives. Evil could not exist without these three portals:

1. Speech
If all Man, Woman and Child said nothing harmful or misleading, conflict and war would not exist. There would still be differences but they would be resolved in favor for all Man, Woman and Child with words of wisdom and concern.
(Our emotions and feelings at the time make up the words that come out of our mouth. Knowing this you should know that while speaking in a destructive mind state you are about to say something harmful and destructive, and it would be wise at this moment to hold your tongue (harsh and demeaning words you can’t take back, should never be heard…be it directly to or spread by rumor). And no Man, Woman or Child should have the need to mislead or lie to another. To end lying we must look at what we lie for, into what we try to accomplish by lying? We lie to make ourselves look honest, we lie to make ourselves look responsible, we lie to gain acceptance, we lie to make ourselves look faithful, we lie to make ourselves look trust worthy, dependable, concerned and kind, we lie to eat well, we lie to live comfortable. We must acknowledge then teach our children and show our families and friends that people who live truly Godly don’t lie to have or be these things; they just do and are.)

2. Body Action
If a hand is not raised, a person is not struck.
If a sword is not waved, a person is not cut.
If a trigger is not pulled, a bullet can’t fly.
If a fire is not set, a home is not burned.  
If a button is not pushed, a missile is not launched.
(Our emotions and feelings at the time; sometimes trigger body reflexes that harms another person be it intent or involuntary, it is uncalled for, unacceptable and avoidable. No one is struck for no reason and out of nowhere; there is always either a difference of emotions, a difference of understanding, a difference in belief, a difference in culture, be it whatever the difference; lack of Love, Concern, Respect or Self-Control, there is no excuse to harm someone else. That is not the way of our Great Creator, God gave us this World to Love one another, to Create and Sing for one another, to Entertain and Invent for one another and to Share Joy with one another.  We are here to live for one another, but we live for self. We want to control everything, but we can’t control ourselves. We want to have it all, but we refuse to share. All problems have an answer that doesn’t involve violence and has a solution that is best for all involved, but it can only be seen through the eyes of truly Godly People, which every Man, Woman and Child should be.)

3. Sign Language
If no Man, Woman or Child made an obscene jester or smirk, no-one would feel intimidated, put down or beneath by another.
(As simple as a wave of a particular finger, the roll of your eyes, and the raise of one of your lips, intimidates and hits as hard as a punch in the face, but a truly Godly person see these actions as silly…as a view into that person’s lost soul and as a warning sign to an unwanted situation about to unfold.)

Controlling these portals doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen, but it will mean that it didn’t happen because of a Man, Woman or Child, and that’s not Evil; that’s Life, something we all will come together to confront and resolve because of care for one another.

Mankind’s true Greatness is at the mercy of our uncontrolled selves.

Don’t be a portal to Evil. Do your part to live true Life, the way our Great Creator intended.
Control yourself...control Evil’s portals.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

"If we all really wanted change, there would be change." Qoute by Anthony BamBam!! Thomas

It takes more than flour to make a cake.

Please add comments to complete this piece of cake for the World.

It takes us all.

Love In A Time of Ice

An eviction notice peaks from her pockets
Strapped up on the plain white wall 
A slim blue robe barely covers her plumpened womb
Faces pass, all nameless to her, 
Taking in stale air. 
The IV drips play rhythmic silence
All in hopeless cheer. 
Roads are filled with snow, sleet covers the stoops 
Most children clap their mittened hands 
To see Winter's grinning gloom. 
Passing by in silence, 
They bear enough respect to bow their heads, 
All of them viewing two tombstones above her bed. 
For somebody so full she's only skin and bones, 
Enceinte with death 
Winter has its tolls 
But when that child suckled from her supple breasts, 
Life seemed so forgiving to those with gentle breaths. 
And when her frail arms hold him 
They meld from two to one
The way I like to tell this story, 
Heaven welcomed them.
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This isn't my home ,my world or galaxy,

I am an intruder to this life.

They come with assailment,

Ready to kill at any southern movement.

At first their masked seem real,

With opened arms,

Arms that seem warm,

But became a trap for deviant preys,

And DNA claims me to be their own,

Yet I didn't act like them,

Nor have the same codes that they contained.

On my mission to make peace,

I was given no choice  but to only have their genetics,

And continue to live with them as an invader.