golden age

After the Golden Age


Chaos should not cease

To dominate the world.

O yes, Nyarlathotep;

Will rule!


No wish for harmony,

Of its Golden Age;

It was before the Fall.


Reveling in constant disorder,

But Yog-Sothoth prefers reason;

Giving His first allegiance

To the Daemon Sultan: Azathoth

Remembering old times of this God.


Cthulhu does side with Him,

But Yig supports Yog-Sothoth;

As Father Serpent of the Cosmos,

Who invented this very world...


Yog-Sothoth has sympathy,

As Dagon; the Deep One Lord

And not even he can say

What will happen when there remains

A Princess restored on Her throne,

A Princess on Ebony Bone.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A poem about what happened after the Golden Age.

Golden Age


Fire is dancing

Gems are shining

Stars are falling down

Something's coming out


Dark road against my path

Light is shining bright

Can't ignore these signs

Should show them what I got


Shooting to number one

Breaking bars, having fun

Sleeping on the cloud nine

Seeking words that would rhyme


This is the Golden Age

I'm on the Utmost Sky

This is the Peak of Time

I'm on the Perfect Chase


Taking break on heartbreaks

Flying high from lakes to seas

Writing lines from tears to bliss

Bleed hard and celebrate


Never saw this coming

It left my soul singing

I never knew I could reach

The skydreams I once wished

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