Monthly Archive for February 2001

Title Type Pen Name Comments Categories Date
Speechless Poem angelcrane 2 Depression Feb 1st
THE CROSS Poem columb 2 Being Loved Feb 1st
The Blood of the Rose Poem gentle Beauty Feb 2nd
LOVE Poem mwhatim love Feb 2nd
MR. R. FROM SURVIVOR Poem hawksquaw99 Change/Transition Feb 2nd
TIME Poem jpwatts Feb 2nd
Kelsey Poem mwhatim 1 death Feb 2nd
JUST LOVE ME Poem mwhatim love Feb 2nd
Lovers Thoughts Poem angelcrane Hidden Love Feb 2nd
SARA 17 Poem mwhatim 5 family Feb 2nd
DRY MIND Poem hawksquaw99 7 Other Feb 3rd
LOVE AT 21 Poem rosebudblooming 1 Tributes/Odes Feb 3rd
Lost? Poem snmiller 1 Dark Feb 3rd
DARE TO DREAM Poem rosebudblooming Tributes/Odes Feb 3rd
If Only I Could Tell You Poem mwhatim Hidden Love Feb 4th
STOLEN MOMENTS Poem ladyhawke Soul mates Feb 4th
HEALER OF THE HEART Poem ladyhawke Being Loved Feb 4th
FOR MY DARLING, MY FUTURE Poem ladyhawke long distance Feb 4th
DANCING IN DREAMS OF LOVE Poem ladyhawke long distance Feb 4th
FIVE KNUCKLE MOONRIDE Poem terry Comedy/Humor Feb 5th
Watch... You... Bleed... Poem techpoet 5 Anger Violent Feb 5th
The End Poem techpoet 2 Angst Feb 6th
Your Time Is Now Poem techpoet 1 Celebrations Feb 6th
Youre Gone Poem techpoet Beauty Feb 6th
Down Payment Poem techpoet Depression Feb 6th
God? Poem jdarronm 1 Existence Feb 6th
Commodity of Soul Poem techpoet Culture/Society Feb 6th
The Dependency Poem techpoet Being Loved Feb 6th
Dare to Dream Poem adamrice 7 Bittersweet Feb 6th
GRACE OF ONE MAN Poem ladyhawke love Feb 7th
DESTINY OF TWO SOULS Poem ladyhawke long distance Feb 7th
LOVES MOMENT! Poem ladyhawke love Feb 7th
EMBERS OF LOVE Poem ladyhawke love Feb 7th
A LOVE FOR ALL ETERNITY Poem ladyhawke 1 Soul mates Feb 7th
Why ME? Poem jenfool Anger NonViolent Feb 9th
The Night Before Court Poem mwhatim 3 Anger NonViolent Feb 9th
Til were old Poem jenfool 1 Being Loved Feb 9th
The Angels Call MY Name Poem mwhatim 8 Beauty Feb 9th
I CANT LET YOU GO Poem mwhatim 3 Being Loved Feb 9th
CRAZY Poem mwhatim 7 Abuse Feb 9th
THE LAST WORDS WE SAID Poem terry Goodbye Feb 10th
EDUCATED IDIOT Poem hawksquaw99 6 Other Feb 10th
PICTURE THIS Poem rosebudblooming 2 Acceptance Feb 11th
UNDERSTAND Poem rosebudblooming Acceptance Feb 11th
Piece of the Game Poem jenfool 1 Anger NonViolent Feb 11th
The Nerve! Poem jenfool Bizarre Feb 11th
A DREAM SO REAL Poem hawksquaw99 Other Feb 11th
SERENITY Poem serene 3 Beauty Feb 12th
Somewhere lies life Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Other Feb 12th
THE BEACH Poem mwhatim 3 Beauty Feb 15th
THe Fallen Reality Poem danesdad Feb 15th
The Three Step Program Poem mwhatim 2 Change/Transition Feb 16th
Time Poem ecw 2 confusion Feb 17th
To Share Your Heart Poem ecw Lost love Feb 17th
THE YOUNG MARINE Poem hawksquaw99 family Feb 18th
OUTSIDE LOOKING IN Poem hawksquaw99 6 Acceptance Feb 18th
CONSCIENCE Poem serene 1 Existential Feb 19th
THE COUPLE Poem serene Beauty Feb 19th
Quiet Man Poem toobuena Acceptance Feb 20th
Hidden Heart Poem lodi 3 Pain/Sorrow Feb 20th
THE PICTURED GIRL Poem terry 5 Feb 20th
THE GOOD FIGHT Poem terry Irony Feb 20th
ATOMIC MODEL Poem terry Beauty Feb 20th
Ever Poem toobuena 1 Abuse Feb 20th
Civil Disobedience - Haiku Poem terry Haiku Feb 20th
A Dinner Conversation - Haiku Poem terry Haiku Feb 20th
NOSTALGIA Poem serene Beauty Feb 21st
Burger House Queen II Poem hhickson Coffee Feb 22nd
Angel Left, Saint Appeared Poem lil_rose Feb 22nd
Mom Poem hhickson 1 family Feb 23rd
Open Letter to Mary, Mother of Jesus Poem hhickson Comedy/Humor Feb 23rd
Beautiful Ones Poem mrscatchaos Acceptance Feb 24th
Gone Poem menial Dark Feb 24th
End Stop Leave Me Alone Poem menial confusion Feb 24th
The Rest Poem menial Dark Feb 24th
PRISSY Poem hawksquaw99 family Feb 24th
Poison Ivy Poem mrscatchaos Addiction Feb 24th
Noose Around My Neck Poem menial Dark Feb 24th
No Returning Poem menial Depression Feb 24th
Untitled 17 Poem running_with_rabbits 2 Endurance Feb 25th
Come My Beloved Poem Sasha_J 1 Being Loved Feb 25th
FATE Poem terry Existential Feb 25th
HEARTSTRINGS Poem terry love Feb 25th
MAKE IT REAL Poem vjochum 10 love Feb 25th
SOULMATES Poem ladydp2000 Soul mates Feb 25th home Poem hardgal 2 Nature/Environment Feb 25th
A Demon's Own Domain Poem mrscatchaos Beauty Feb 26th
A Thousand Miles Away Poem mrscatchaos 1 Angst Feb 26th
NO CONTROL Poem hawksquaw99 Nature/Environment Feb 26th
The End of Summer Poem mrscatchaos 1 Acceptance Feb 26th
Hounds of Hell Poem mrscatchaos Abuse Feb 26th
Get Down! Poem lil_rose 1 Feb 26th
Pace Poem pluguan 1 Acceptance Feb 27th
teenie suicide dance Poem mellow 8 Addiction Feb 27th
My Tree Poem lil_rose Feb 27th