The scene was ugly and gruesome

This man on the cross was God’s son

No crime he committed

No sin omitted

There he hung for all to see

Stripped and naked on a tree

It was a bloody sight

The man from Galilee nailed on tight

39 lashes he had taken

He was beaten,brusied and forsaken

His closest friends had left him to sob

He was now in the hands of an angry mob!!

His beard was torn from his cheek!

His outlook so bleak!

A crown of thorns was rammed on his head!

To look at him, he almost looked dead!

They spat in his face!

It was a disgrace!

He carried his cross in so much pain!

By this act of love the world would gain!

They nailed him on his cross, on top of a hill

Only vinegar was given him, not a pain killing pill !!

His blood run from his head, hands and feet

For this hour he was born ~ to surrender his body ~  to bring defeat!

They mocked him with a sign over his head!

The “King of the Jews”..... would soon be dead!

They looked upon him with derision

He came to bring division

They cast lots for his garment

Soldiers gambling over an argument

Many women were at the cross weeping and crying

For the one they loved was being hung ~ crucified and dying

One criminal mocked him and asked for a sign?!

The other asked him for forgiveness just in time!

God’s will was being done

Jesus hung there all undone!!

Hour after hour it was tougher to breath

Many could see him and were grieved

Darkness descended like a black cloak

All seemed lost and broke

Jesus called out, in a loud voice!!

“Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.”

The Roman centurion came to break the legs of the crucified

He could see Jesus had died

A spear was thrust into him!

The scene looked  grim!

Not one bone was broken in his body

Scripture fulfilled for everybody

The Son of Man had given his life

A ransom for many, granting eternal life!

In three days, he would rise from the dead!

His precious blood he had shed!

Never forget what price was paid

Love was seen and displayed

He gave up his life freely

Because he loves *you* dearly

For he lives forever to pardon *you* from your guilt and sin

Now you can grin.......... if you’ve received him within?!


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missmfa's picture

Another great poem!

You have painted a very clear picture of what our Lord and Saviour went through. I felt the last two lines were rather weak. Here's a suggestion: :-)
He lives forever to pardon *you* from guilt and sin
You can grin and win, if you receive Him within!

Check out my poetry book - as I write it!

columb's picture

Thank you missmfa for your

Thank you missmfa for your time and comments on my poetry. Your suggested ending is good as well ty. Some are called to teach and preach, but not all; the five fold ministry in Ephesians. But ALL believers are to be a witnesses to the Gospel of Jesus Christ...the Good news!
I wish you well in your poetry writing.