Youre Gone

You're Gone

Today, will be the day that will be forever etched in my mind

For I can see you across the room

Your stellar beauty shines of the blaze of a thousand sun combusting with dazzling awe

The room, where people are abound, is now overcrowded by your illuminating presence

The room, where people are abound, is now vacant with the exception of you and I

With a kiss, with your lips pressing against mine, the clouds in the pale blue sky opens to unlock the doors of Heaven above

With you by my side, with your hand in mine, we ascend into the outermost atmosphere beyond as we pass through Heaven's Pearly Gates



"its nice to meet you"

"how's it going?"

"oh, pretty good so far"

"i enjoyed meeting you"

"yeah, same here"


At last,

My fantasy is now Reality

And the breath from your words has placed warmth in a once cold soul

You are my goddess and an altar of devotion is waiting to be unlocked within my naive heart

I see you

I see you smile

I hear your laughter

It is such a symphony that Mozart could not conjure

There's a place in my mind to in which the channel will always remain on you

And you hair flows in the wind as if they were bodies of water united

Waving, rippling, crashing, and flowing


"no, I don't think so"

"no, I think I have other plans"


With that, the view of you is blocked

The Wall of Rejection now stands between you and I

Obscuring the brilliancy of your God-touched mold, the wall spanning from the east

The west

Causing a world of ecliptic darkness with this wall that you have placed here

My attempt for love has


All is lost

Your sundering words has impaled my heart

My soul

With the icicle you plunged so deep

You are not with me

And alas

You're Gone...

Because you were never there

And Fantasy is not Reality anymore

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Just your typical crash and burn story. Tragic but true I'm afraid...

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