The End

Why is it that love is a game that only fools play

I wouldn't know

Love is a game that I forfeited long ago

Is it true that it is better to have a love lost than not to have loved at all

I wouldn't know

Love has not strayed across my happy valley

Why should I even carry this burden that has plagued my existence

Is living this life some kind of joke that only "God" can laugh at?

Is there a "God"

Where is this "rock" of stability that so many count on

The barrage of inconsistencies is enough for me to be pessimistic

Should I create my own personal climax

Should I cause my "The End" and allow the credits to roll by

The Darkness of Death has befriended my insignificant soul and has bonded with me

And the point of life is beginning to succumb into nothingness

Alienated and alone


I should deal again and see how the dice will be thrown to give this life another try

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James Mackay's picture

hey...this oem made me stop and think. you make some very expressive poetry here...and very questioning of the reader. nice one best wishes James

darkpool's picture

"give this life another try" Now that's the spirit. The search for love can try one's will to carry on. However, love is something to live for, not to die for! Maybe it is cherished most dearly by those who found it hardest to achieve ... so you're headed in the right direction, one followed by billions before you. And now a plug for one of my pieces that explores this same theme, Love was a puzzle ... Thanks for the poem and the insight.